Amazon Home Decor Finds

Cream Table Lamp / Woven Wicker Baskets / Gold Zebra Jewelry Dish / Shallow Wood Serving Bowl / Beige Knitted Throw Blanket / Brass Table Lamp / Stair Storage Basket with Handles / White Ceramic Vases / Clear Honey Pot / Rattan Cup Holders / Rattan Pitcher / Green Napkins / Cable Knit Blanket / Blue and White Ceramic Table Lamp / Small Round Wood Pedestal / Stoneware Berry Baskets / Marble Salt Box with Bamboo Lid / White Stoneware Sugar Pot / Glass Airtight Jars with Wood Lids

Amazon has so many home decor gems! Here are a few of my favorites:

Cream Table Lamp: This table lamp would look pretty everywhere, from a nightstand to a living room side table.

Woven Wicker Baskets: Love these little organizational wicker baskets.

Gold Zebra Jewelry Dish: A fun trinket that works great as a jewelry dish.

Shallow Wood Serving Bowl: Use it as a serving bowl or even a fruit bowl.

Beige Knitted Throw Blanket: Love this textured cream light throw blanket.

Brass Table Lamp: This brass table lamp is a much more affordable version of some of the ones I’ve seen before, under $60.

Stair Storage Basket with Handles (similar here too): I’m telling you, stair storage baskets are life-changing. Collect the stuff scattered around the house throughout the day and drop it into the designated basket, i.e., going upstairs. Then, at the end of the day, grab the basket on your way up and put everything back wherever it belongs.

White Ceramic Vases: Simple and classic white vases under $40.

Clear Honey Pot: I love this glass honey pot. The bee shaped handle and bamboo dipper are such cute details.

Rattan Pitcher: This rattan pitcher would be so pretty for serving drinks during the summer.

Rattan Cup Holders: These rattan cup holders would be cute with the pitcher. Just note they don’t include a glass.

Green Napkins: Love this Amazon home decor find! How perfect would these green napkins be for a summer tablescape? 

Cable Knit Blanket: You can’t beat a wonderfully cozy cable knit blanket under $30.

Blue and White Ceramic Table Lamp: If you love ginger jars, this cute ceramic table lamp is for you.

Small Round Wood Pedestal: A cute wooden pedestal to hold a plant or a couple of spices on your kitchen counter. 

Stoneware Berry Baskets: This set of stoneware berry baskets is so cute. Plus, they’re much more inexpensive compared to others I’ve seen.

Marble Salt Box with Bamboo Lid: Great for storing salt right on your counter so it’s always in reach while cooking.

White Stoneware Sugar Pot: Such a cute stoneware sugar pot for your coffee/tea corner in your kitchen.

Glass Airtight Jars with Wood Lids: I recently re-organized my pantry and used something similar to these glass jars, and I love how it looks.