7 Monogrammed Products I Love | Mark & Graham Bag

Mark & Graham Bag (Also love the Essential Crossbody and the Slouch Crossbody.) / London Fog Trench Coat

As I’ve grown older, I’ve definitely toned things down and reserved personalization for a select few things, but it’s no secret that I’ve always loved a good monogram. ;) Here are my favorite products that seem to stand the test of time:

Jack Rogers Sandals: Love these! I’ve had them for years and I still reach for them every spring/summer. Loved ’em so much that I got a pair for my mom for her birthday and she freaked. :) The diamond monogram is just such a classic look!

Barbour Jacket: I have my monogram on the pocket in the same green color that the jacket features. Pretty sure I’m the only one who’s ever noticed it, but it makes me happy, haha.

J.Crew Sweatshirt: There are a zillion things from J.Crew that you can monogram, and I’m honestly here for most of it. But this sweatshirt is my all-time favorite. I bought it before I met Mitch. It survives every single closet clean out, year after year. :)

Initial Necklace: Every girl needs one! I’ve had mine for what seems like forever, and it’s nearly sold out. But Mark & Graham is my go-to for initial necklaces! They have so many. Top of my list right now is this one in gold with an “E” and an “L.” (Also, cute story: Mitch got me mine for Mother’s Day. And Emma gets so happy when I wear it!)

My particular monogrammed camera strap is old, but this one looks just like it. Again, it’s a little thing that most people likely wouldn’t notice. But it’s such a nice touch.

Mark & Graham Bags: Every single one can be personalized, making for fantastic gifts! I really love the Essential Crossbody and the Slouch Crossbody in case you’re in the market.