37 Lessons Learned in 37 Years

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Well, whaddaya know?! I’m 37 today. In some ways, the number feels crazy. Name nearly any chapter of life, and I instantly transport myself back to that time, the imagery and colors so vivid I feel like it was just yesterday.

My family often jokes that I have a freakish ability to recall details from the past. A few years ago, I directed Mitch without a map through a Sacramento subdivision to a home I’d left when I was the ripe age of two. He claimed sorcery. 😜 Sadly, this skill never translated to anything actually useful; heck, I still can’t remember my times tables.

But I digress! Today Mitch and I are sitting down and sharing 37 lessons we’ve personally learned in our 37 years, because Mitch turns also 37 on Monday! ♥️ These don’t apply to everyone, and per usual, they’re just what first came to mind. (So we definitely missed some obvious ones. 😆) Nonetheless

  1. Family first, always.
  2. If your husband is in the middle of crashing the car, do not start screaming about a spider.
  3. Each life stage is better than the last.
  4. Don’t miss your kids’ childhoods. They’re short.
  5. Music has healing powers.
  6. Life is better with a dachshund.
  7. Date nights should be prioritized—especially when little kids are on the scene.
  8. Daily walks put everything in perspective. So does pizza. And a good night’s sleep.
  9. Traveling less can often mean traveling better.
  10. There will come times in life when the focus of conversation is poop. It’s fine. Everybody poops.
  11. Forgive others; forgive yourself.
  12. Life can change in a moment’s notice. Things can always get better.
  13. Stand up for what’s right.
  14. Order the cheese on the burger. (Thanks, Tara.)
  15. Deciding who to spend life with is the biggest and most important decision a person will ever make. Choose wisely. (Thanks, Dad.)
  16. Listen to what the likeminded say, but also what people on the other side of the spectrum—and those who fall elsewhere—say. And then think for yourself.
  17. No one knows why, but covering your bed with as many decorative pillows as humanly possible results in a better night’s rest. Even if you’re not allowed to sleep on them.
  18. Compound interest is a man/woman’s best friend.
  19. Read and learn—for yourself.
  20. Skincare is important. But it’s also important to remember that wrinkles are evidence of years of laughter and love.
  21. Find a hobby that makes your insides light up.
  22. Visit the past, but don’t live there.
  23. Teach kindness and goodness by example.
  24. Family and friends make life full. Make the time.
  25. Tidiness can mean clarity, but messes can mean fun. Find a balance. And try to clean up before bed.
  26. Everyone loves a good dad joke.
  27. There are tons of ways to give back. Pick one that works with your current life stage, and don’t advertise it.
  28. Get to know the USPS, UPS and/or FedEx delivery people. Their kindness and friendship will warm your heart every day.
  29. Inspiration comes and goes. When it comes, lean into it. When it doesn’t, remember that it’ll be back.
  30. Don’t be afraid of a big move. You can always go home.
  31. Call your parents and grandparents.
  32. Live in New York City at least once. And I guess wear the darn sunscreen.
  33. Buy redundant remote controls. They won’t seem so redundant once the original goes missing.
  34. Family Movie Nights are where some of the best memories are made.
  35. Disconnect on a regular basis, for both short and long periods of time.
  36. Hug, kiss and say “I love you” often.
  37. There’s always money in the banana stand.

Thanks for following us this year. We love you!