2022 Gift Guide for Kids

LED Foldable Scooter / Wooden Espresso Machine Playset / Rainbow Sparkle Watercolor Gel Crayons / Magic Water Color Coloring Book / Bunny Plush Toy / Wooden Play Kitchen / Mini Wooden Play Tool Workbench Set / Cottage Doll House / Pink Kids’ Bike Helmet / Pink Bike with Basket and Training Wheels / Girls Black Crossbody Purse / Coloring and Sticker Book / Tea Set

I’m on a roll! Here’s my 2022 Gift Guide for Kids. From bikes and scooters to playsets and coloring books, these toys will provide hours of entertainment.

LED Foldable Scooter: The girls love scooting to school. If you’re looking for a great scooter for little kids, we love this one because it’s ages 5-12, though Emma started using hers around age 3 or 4. It also FOLDS, meaning it’s easy for me to carry to and from school during pickups.

Wooden Espresso Machine Playset: How cute is this coffee maker playset?! So much entertainment!

Rainbow Sparkle Watercolor Gel Crayons: They would make a great gift, along with a coloring pad or as a stocking stuffer.

Magic Water Color Coloring Book: I love any kind of magic water activity book. They’re mess-free and a great travel activity for long car rides or on planes.

Bunny Plush Toy: This is adorable.

Wooden Play Kitchen: This play kitchen will provide HOURS of entertainment.

Mini Wooden Play Tool Workbench Set: So will this tool workbench set.

Cottage Doll House: I love this cute cottage doll house. And it comes fully furnished.

Pink Kids’ Bike Helmet: Remember this if you’re gifting a scooter or a bike.

Pink Bike with Basket and Training Wheels: We Emma a bike for her 5th Birthday, and she was over the moon. It’s an absolute steal for $136 on Amazon.

Girls Black Crossbody Purse: I pulled these out on a recent rainy weekend, and the girls loved playing with them for hours.

Coloring and Sticker Book: This coloring and sticker book will surely be a hit.

Tea Set: This is such an adorable tea party playset.

If you’re looking for more ideas check out our Gift Guide for Kids from last year.