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^ This one contributes quite a bit to our laundry situation, but boy, is she cute!

Mitch here!

Kelly and I have been in some dire laundry situations over the years. I’m talking about late-night New York laundromats, coin-operated basement clunkers, and weekend trips to our parents’ with suitcases full of dirty clothing. You’d think that by now, especially considering we have a proper upstairs laundry room, we’d be past all this. But you’d be wrong. Because now we have not one but two kids!

There’s just so much more of it. Recently, though, Kelly pulled me aside.

“Mitch,” she said. “I have something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about. so I love doing laundry, and I’ve decided that I want to spend more time in the laundry room.”

I may be paraphrasing there, but Kelly’s embraced her inner spin-cycle, she’s whipping this place into shape. And I get it. She says she appreciates the task of doing the laundry because it has a finite beginning and end. The laundry room is her quiet, peaceful sanctuary; where she can undo the chaotic messes of the week and put everything back in order. I feel the same way about the dishes!

So today, the Larkins are teaming up with The Laundress.

Our favorite eco-friendly line of detergent, fabric care and home cleaning products that’s safe to use for the whole family. We are spreading some laundry love. Kelly’s obsessed! (Actually, “obsessed” doesn’t accurately convey how she feels about the stuff. It started with their baby products since Kelly worried about what was touching the girls’ sensitive skin, and now she adores it all.) And The Laundress is the perfect teammate for those of you who share a similar passion for laundry.

Which brings me to our giveaway! The Laundress and their partners are giving away $1,000 in prizes, and you can enter right here. Prizes include:

laundry detergent products

A $350 voucher from The Laundress

giveaway with laundress product

A $300 Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier from Blueair: Blueair designs top-performing air purifiers engineered to last a lifetime!

cute overalls for giveaway with laundress

A $200 voucher from Polarn O. Pyret: Polarn O. Pyret is an adorable collection of long-lasting clothes for baby and toddlers designed to be loved, washed and worn again and again. 

baby food for giveaway with laundress

A $150 voucher from Little Spoon: Little Spoon creates high quality, nutrition-focused products to help keep your little ones healthy and happy, starting with their first bites. 

Pretty great, right?! Remember, entering the $1,000 giveaway takes approximately two seconds, and you can do it right here. (Note: Giveaway will run until 9/8/19 at 11:59 PM. All entrants must be within the contiguous US.)

Anyway, when Kelly now does the laundry with her products from The Laundress, it comes out unbelievably soft and cozy, and it smells incredible. I can wholeheartedly say that her re-dedication to the art of laundry has changed the entire feel of our house. The smell wafts down the hallway. It wafts out of drawers.

a photo of a woman

^ Kelly jumping in here. I can’t believe he did this and that this is real. GREAT USE OF TIME, MITCH. 😂

Mt. Mitch (which consisted of a whole lot of dirty laundry) no longer exists! And I really do appreciate it. So to express that appreciation, I ripped off a funny idea that I saw on Reddit and named Kelly as the laundry room’s Employee of the Month. Big congrats to her on that one. I’m still waiting for an Employee of the Month award for my service in the kitchen, but it’s fine. I’m not bitter. 😑

A shoutout to those of you who tackle those pesky chores for your family instead of putting them off. You’re superheroes!

Mitch. OUT!

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This post is sponsored by The Laundress, but all opinions are my own. As always, thank you so, so much for supporting the partnerships that keep Kelly in the City up and running! Enter the $1,000 giveaway here!