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A Few Thoughts

Lilly Pulitzer Pants (these are my new obsession, and lots of prints are currently part of the After Party Sale!), Off-the-Shoulder Top (Part of the sale in white and pink!) and Baby Shift (Shop the little girls’ sale section here. Last day!) / Jack Rogers Sandals c/o (Exact style here, here, here and here.) / Vineyard Vines Clutch c/o (Super similar here, on sale!)


The top that I’m wearing in this post was just added to the sale (in white and pink)! :) My pants are also included (in different prints).

New Styles Added!

How did everyone make out at the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale?! I know that shoppers were a bit frustrated with the tech troubles yesterday, but it seems like everyone was eventually able to get onto the site and shop… which was the end goal, right?! :) And I love that there’s still a ton of amazing merchandise available. Two other sites that are also offering big savings on Lilly right now are Zappos and its little sister, I was really impressed with their competitive pricing as well as their selection!

In case you’re wondering, I picked up this silk top, these pants (THE BEST — wearing them in today’s post), this no-iron Elsa, and this lace top for my upcoming trips to Charleston (late February) and L.A. (April). I almost bought this navy blue dress, but I find myself wearing dresses less and less as a new mom, so decided against it in the end. Did you guys score anything you’re excited about?! At various points today, I’ll be checking in and updating this post with any important information about the last day of the sale. You can also follow along on my Facebook page!

But back to real life, bullet point-style. :)

LIVE FEED: Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale starts today at 8 a.m. ET! Are you ready?!

Lilly Pulitzer Cashmere Sweater and Murfee Scarf (Old, but have you seen the new scarves?! There’s a Chicago one! And there’s a Philly one. KIM! I guess it’s time for you to turn preppy…) / Rag & Bone Jeans / Stuart Weitzman Boots (Also available here in navy) / Emma’s Baby Shift

9:45 p.m. ET:

Even more styles have been added to the sale! My favorites are this dress in the ever-popular “Ugotta Regatta” print, this popover, this maxi dress (WOW!) and this shift. See?! Told you everyone would get a chance to shop! Even those coming home from work super, super late. (My heart goes out to you. Buy a Lilly dress and go to bed. ;)

Even more styles added!

Tips for Shopping the January Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

Lilly Pulitzer Pants, Off-the-Shoulder Top and Baby Shift (After Party Sale has been scheduled! See below for details.) / Very Troubled Child Nautical Weekender c/oLands’ End Bedding c/o (Also love this duvet, and this one, this one and this one.) / Birch Lane Night Stands (Long dresser and tall dresser also available, which we have. I also love these night stands!) / L.L.Bean Bed and Rug c/o / Target Gingham Sheets (But in love with these, these, these and these.) / Similar Chinoiserie Lamps (And currently obsessed with this one! My friend Mackenzie’s store is my favorite place to score awesome Chinoiserie, by the way!) / Birch Lane Bench

First of all, please excuse the grainy photos featured this post. (Can we just say they’re “artsy” and call it a day?!) We shot them right after the sun when down, and the room was nearly pitch black. I’m constantly amazed at what tripods can accomplish. (Fun fact: I shot these photos in even darker conditions. This is my favorite tripod!)

Secondly, we’ve yet to decorate the master bedroom. When construction was completed last spring, I just didn’t have it in me. But I’m ready! Do you have any suggestions? I know we need to hang art over the bed, place some plants around the room, and get some pillows for the bench. But all other recommendations are welcomed!

Anyway, if you missed it, the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is scheduled for tomorrow, January 5th, at 8 a.m. ET and it’ll run until Friday, January 6th at 1 p.m. ET. ARE YOU READY?! Okay, that sounded intense. It’s just a sale. It’s also January, and you really can’t wear Lilly in January unless you’re going on vacation or live in the South. (If you live in the South, will you adopt me? PLEASE?) But this is one of the biggest sales of the season, and it’s the only sale that’ll get you discounted Lilly in time for spring/summer, as the other sale occurs in August. (Plus, there’s usually a lot of cold-weather wear offered during the January sale, too!)

So let’s get right to it:

Kelly’s Tips for Shopping the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale:

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale: January 5th

Lilly Pulitzer Dress (But OMG. Totally wearing this on our LA trip this spring! After Party Sale scheduled for for this Thursday, January 5th!) / Jack Rogers Sandals (Also available here. And love this more affordable version.) / Longchamp Tote

Current faves

Oh my goodness. Throwing it back to a couple of summers ago and my favorite Lilly dress (and frizziest hair–ugh; humidity!) because the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is scheduled for this Thursday, January 5th! I’ll be writing a longer post on my tips for shopping the sale (here are last year’s tips), but here are the big details you need to know for the time being:

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale


Thursday, January 5th at 8 a.m. EST – Friday, January 6th at 1 p.m. EST

How to Prepare:

Be sure to make an account ahead of time (top left-hand side), and log in the night before the sale. Lilly will be working on the site the before the sale goes live, so you won’t be able to get in during that time.

How to shop:

Log on to the site at 8 a.m. and wait in the “virtual line.” If you get a crazy high number, don’t freak out. The line goes quickly, and you’ll be notified with a little “ding” noise once it’s your turn. Once you’re in, sort by size. (On the upper right-hand corner of Lilly’s site, you’ll probably see two options: “sort by” and “narrow by.” Click “narrow by” and select “size” first, that way you’re not wading through products unavailable in your size. You can choose “price” after that.) Remember that inventory sells out extremely quickly, so if you find something you cannot live without, check out. That said, know that once you check out, you’ll be placed at the back of the virtual line.

Learn more:

More information–and tips for shopping the sale–available on

Tuckernuck Final Sale

The Tuckernuck sale is on! Use code “EXTRA20” to take an extra 20 percent off the sale selection, which includes hundreds of new markdowns. And did you see my faves from the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale? Here’s a list! A can’t get over the selection!

Little-known fact about Kelly Larkin: her face is covered in freckles.

I guess you can only really see them when you’re really close to my face or when I’m not wearing this magical stuff. But they’re there. For the longest time, I hated them. I felt like they made me look juvenile, blotchy, and a bit sickly. But motherhood has done wonders for my little hangup, and I’ve stopped caring whether my freckles are visible. Heck, I’ve stopped caring about a lot of stuff. ;)