Target Fall Home Decor

Dark Orange Throw Blanket / Framed Scribble Art Print / Small Footed Ceramic Vase / Gold Pumpkin / Salt & Pepper Marble Pinch Pot / Cream Shallow Decorative Bowl / Rounded Back Cream Accent Chair / Framed Landscape Art Print / Stoneware Mug / Sliding Glass 2 Door White Cabinet / Woven Dark Orange Square Throw Pillow / Striped Square Throw Pillow / Apple Orchard Fluted Amber Glass Candle / Salt & Pepper Wooden Grinder / Wicker Storage Basket / Checkered Resin Box

Is it the middle of August? Sure is! Have I already started browsing Target fall home decor? You bet! Here are some of my favorite pieces, from throw blankets and pillows to fall candles and mugs.

Dark Orange Throw Blanket: This knit throw blanket looks wonderfully cozy.

Framed Scribble Art Print: I love this minimalistic neutral framed art print.

Small Footed Ceramic Vase: This small, simple vase would be a pretty tabletop accent.

Gold Pumpkin: Would this fall home decor post be complete without a pumpkin? Of course not!

Salt & Pepper Marble Pinch Pot: Love these salt and pepper pinch pots for the kitchen.

Cream Shallow Decorative Bowl: A pretty decorative bowl perfect for an entryway table.

Rounded Back Cream Accent Chair: I love the contrast of the metal frame on this rounded back accent chair.

Framed Landscape Art Print: This framed print is absolutely gorgeous.

Stoneware Mug: A simple mug under $5 for your morning cup of coffee – pumpkin spice creamer optional.

Sliding Glass 2 Door White Cabinet: This cabinet looks lovely. Linking the larger TV stand version of it here in case you’re looking for something double the size.

Woven Dark Orange Square Throw Pillow: If you’re swapping out your throw pillows for some that are a little more autumnal, this woven one looks lovely.

Striped Square Throw Pillow: Another cute option!

Apple Orchard Fluted Amber Glass Candle: I love the look of this festive amber glass candle.

Salt & Pepper Wooden Grinder: These salt and pepper grinders are simple and streamlined. They’ll definitely look pretty sitting out on your counters.

Wicker Storage Basket: If you’re doing some fall organizing, these wicker baskets are amazing.

Checkered Resin Box: A cute piece of decor for a bookshelf or a nightstand.