Toile Keds

Toile Keds!

Here are this week’s Recent Finds:

GUYS. Cannot recommend these jeans more. I’ve been saying this for a while, but I spent a full year trying out high-rise jeans (as a newbie), and Madewell’s Roadtripper line is by FAR the best, IMHO. Specifically the pair I’ve linked here! Obsessed. Please give them a try! (And go down one size. They run large.)

My first pair of shorts! (In a really long time.) Incredibly soft and stretchy but verdict’s still out. I feel like I’m trying to be a teenager or something, haha. Maybe I just need a longer pair?! (That’s undoubtedly it.)


My Telfar bag came! I tried the large and medium sizes and decided on the medium. (Large was a bit more like a weekender.) Absolutely in love and highly recommend! It was inspired by the Bloomingdales brown shopping bags. :)

Well this is adorable.

In my cart! Can’t get enough of easy breezy beautiful t-shirt dresses this quarantine summer. ;)

Still stalking Lemlem dresses! Seems like they’re selling out all over the place, so if you can grab one in your size, pounce!

Noodle polo.

Joules is back up and running! This is the raincoat I received so many questions about last month.

I’ve had this for years and it’s back in stock! Such a classic bag. :)

Perfect for special jewelry. :)

Cute weekender. I have and use often!

Best white jeggings for under tunics and longer tops!

Preppy heaven, haha.

Crazy about this top. If you can find it in white, score!! They sell out quickly. I have it in white and red.

Another Lemlem beauty.

So polished.

And here’s that eyelet top but in stripe!

Sold out in so many sizes. BAH.

I picture myself walking the Jersey Shore in this. Ha. Sniffle. What a rollercoaster.

I’ve shared this skirt before but it remains a favorite!

Another great t-shirt dress! Love the tiered skirt.

The beloved beach sweater. Just as awesome as it looks. A tad oversized.

It’s cable! Cutest hoodie ever.

I’ve owned this jean jacket for years and I’m still obsessed. I wear it SO often!

#omg (Great price, too.)

These jeans! Love outfits that pack a punch with very little effort, and these jeans could simply be paired with a t-shirt and WAM! Utter cuteness. (It’s late. I’m not making any sense.)

Yes to this! With jeans and a white tee? Adorbs.

White khaki shorts. Love. (On someone other than me, haha.)

And in Liberty print!


Anthropologie and the gorgeous casual dresses… for the win.

Lobster sweater still in stock!

YES. It’s back. I’ve pretty much given up on baby bags and exclusively use MZ Wallace backpacks at this point. And the rose gold one has temporarily been restocked! Woo.

This is my navy backpack.

Matching laptop case. :)

And cosmetic case.

Oooh! Get ready for some awesome Talbots shoe finds. Sorry.

The bow!

The braided detailing!

The criss cross!


Seersucker duck boots. (Now I’m just naming the shoes. It’s midnight. It’s fine.)

I featured these in stripe earlier this week! Love the pink, too.

Best loafers of all time available in metallic on sale. (They’re like walking on clouds. No break-in time.)

On sale!

What do we think about these?

The Birks I own! Love, but they’re taking some time to break in. Worth it.

THESE, though. Such a steal, and no break-in time. I reach for these way more than the “real” ones… I don’t have to stress about ’em because they’re waterproof! They’re my ultimate mom shoes.

The gingham liner is just the sweetest.

Gingham headband.

LOVE THESE JEANS SO MUCH that I own two pairs! They’re perfect if you’ve been after that “boyfriend” look but feel sloppy in the boyfriend cut. These are straight leg but give me that relaxed look, yet they’re soft and a little stretchy (but don’t bag out). Run-on sentence galore but they’re $41.99 right now with code “SHOPSALE” and I *highly* recommend ’em.

Wear these CONSTANTLY. So soft. Favorite wide-leg jeans I own. Might run a little big, but I went with my normal size and they’re just super comfy.

$7.60 with code “SHOPSALE.”

$14.40 with code “SHOPSALE.” I wear this with olive-colored leggings/jeans! Oversized. I went down a size.

$18 with code “SHOPSALE.” (AMAZING deal.)

$12.40 with code “SHOPSALE.” These are some crazy deals, eh?

$20 with code “SHOPSALE.” THIS HURTS MY HEART because I paid full price, haha. They’re fantastic, though. First pair of gingham pants I’ve really loved! They’re high-rise so they’re VERY flattering and ultra comfy.

$20 with code “SHOPSALE.” Also hurts my heart, haha. Favorite holiday pants. They’re lace but pull-on and therefore they feel like PJs yet look fancy. AND FOR $20?!?!?! Ugh.

$56 with code “SHOPSALE.” Looks like Chanel, no?!

$12 with code “SHOPSALE.” I’ve had this for years! Tried and true. Such a classic.

$36 with code “SHOPSALE.” WHOA. Lowest price on this I’ve ever seen. Runs large. Go down at least one size.

$28 with code “SHOPSALE.” So cute with white jeans!

Ditto. $20 with code “SHOPSALE.”

$40 with code “SHOPSALE.” Another favorite! Again, did not pay $40. Wah. But you can get a far better deal than I did. ;) So cute with white sneakers!