Recent Finds, 2/5 | J.Crew Chateau Puffer Coat

J.Crew Chateau Puffer Coat / Sorel Tofino II Boots (At Backcountry, Bloomingdales, Sorel and Zappos. Even warmer are the Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots, available at Backcountry, Sorel and Zappos) / Patagonia Los Gatos Vest (At Nordstrom and Backcountry) / Athleta Altitude Leggings / Amazon Snood Scarf / Barefoot Dreams Hat / Little Flower Mask / Girls’ Hi-Loft Down Jacket / Kids’ Waterproof UggsLucy’s Sorel Boots / J.Crew Girls’ Chateau Puffer / Lucy’s Hat / Girls’ Mittens

Recent Finds is all over the place today, but there’s some awesome stuff in here! :)

I am DREAMING of driving to Florida right now. I don’t even think that the Panhandle–where we’d go—would be warm enough for a swimsuit. (Don’t think so.) I also have a long torso and can really only fit into the LT swimsuits from J.Crew. But how cute is this?!

This new pair of jeans looks amazing.

Apologies for continuing to feature these, but UNSTRUCTURED LOAFERS! They’re like walking on clouds. Zero break-in time.

And their sisters, the unstructured ballet flats. I truly would like these shoes in every color, haha! (Of course, we’re blanketed in snow over here. But my eyes are on Spring!)

The famous J.Crew crossbody is now available in a Liberty London print. SO cute!

I can’t tell you how much I adore this belt. Mine is several years old butI use it to cinch dresses. Works especially well with sweater dresses this time of the year!

More Liberty gorgeousness.

Love the new Nantucket Red color that the J.Crew Sweater Blazer now comes in! (Paired with a navy striped top? Yes.)

Have and love this classic cashmere sweater. Available in so many colors!

White sweatpants. Could make us feel a bit dressier? Ha.

This looks like the wallpaper in Lucy’s bathroom and I love it.

The Dreamcloth line is supposed to be a dream. ;) Really, though. So soft.

On crazy sale!

Love these mugs! Available in every letter.

How sweet are these?!

I am attending literally no events hahaha… but gosh. Guys. This is my definition of a perfect gown.

These would look beautiful on a nightstand!

Another awesome headband.


This rug is stunning and such a steal.

Our favorite fleece blanket. It makes for such a great gift!

OMG Sara Fitz teamed up with L.L.Bean and I cannot *WAIT* to get these on my landlocked bed.

This top is lined with soft fleece. You’re welcome.

Can we tell that I’m writing these captions late-night? Regardless, this is the best sports bra you’ll ever own. The softness factor is insanity.

I love Barefoot Dreams hats. They’re the only hats that don’t make my head itch.  have a white one but it—alone with my vampirish pale skin and un-highlighted hair—is washing me out these days. Do we feel like black could help?! (Probs not. It’s okay. You can tell me.)

YES, L.L.Bean. So cozy!

L.L.Bean recently sent me this slippers and they’re without a doubt the nicest slippers I’ve ever owned. THEY KEEP YOUR ANKLES WARM. And if you’re so inclined, they have real soles, so you run your dog out for a quick walk in ’em or whatever.

Dudley Stephens now available in *double roll* turtlenecks. Love the new styles!

I’m on an L.L.Bean kick… clearly. This is supposed to be one of their warmest puffers. Love the white and love the length.

Have you heard of this company?! I have a few friends who are diehard fans and I’m really excited about working with them in a few weeks. I went with the pink duvet cover!

The warmest snow boots of all time are majorly marked down right now, which is very convenient considering the weather. You can find them on sale at or Backcountry.

Super warm herringbone leggings! (And super affordable.)

Does anyone have any experience with this stuff?! I keep hearing from people that after only a few uses, they felt comfortable not wearing makeup. In their 30s. I’m extremely intrigued.

I also recently read an article about how fantastic this stuff is! I’m not one to visit doctors unless I absolutely have to, so a microdermabrasion-like treatment at home is right up my alley. (Especially this time of year.)

Wildly affordable and wonderfully soft.

A favorite pair of boots for me! They give me some height yet keep my feet toasty. Highly recommend if you start to hate your clunky winter boots this time of year and desperately want to feel like you’re getting dressed up.

It’s back in stock!

I almost cried when I saw this for the girls, hahaha. Even Mitch was like, “Well, that’s a must.”

Another dream I have? Emma going back to school. And wearing these masks. Okay, if I’m dreaming, I suppose I should dream about a time when masks aren’t necessary. But you know…

Cute chair alert.

Noodle clips!

Emma’s favorite leggings. Only $5!


So many different Madeline dolls and all very affordable!

All-time favorite Tuckernuck dress. It’s so flattering on everyone. I wear it spring-fall.

Longer version, which is absolutely perfect!

The sweater I’m most excited about for Valentine’s Day.

The runner up!

The best Chicago sweatshirt. A reminder that soon we’ll be able to take advantage of all the city has to offer once again!


LOVE these. They don’t fit in our kitchen, though. Might end up getting one for the desk area, though! (Here they are in chair form.)

I also love these Target stools. Really into the simple stool look.

An awesome spin on the classic fisherman sweater.

Lined with pure coziness and they come in black, too.

Now that’s a HAT! (Available in black as well.)

We need hooks in our mud room area. But I’m indecisive.

This sweatshirt comes in a ton of colors and it’s lined in the softest fleece material.

Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

My warmest jeans. They’re called “Cozy Jeans” for a reason! (They feel like sweatpants.) TTS.

Scalloped cami in STRIPES.

It’s vicose. The best non-wrinkly material for dresses!

Sigh. SO springy.

Ditto. Happy Friday, Friends!