Belted Wool Coat | Recent Finds 11/12

Belted Wool Coat

Good morning! Man. I’m so excited about this weekend. We have friends coming over tonight, and Emma has field hockey on Saturday—and that’s it. I’m really looking forward to unwinding, taking it easy, and playing with the girls. I even cleaned the house so I could wake up tomorrow with a sense of inner peace. 😜

I’m feeling chatty today. So in other news…

  • Our (primary) bedroom, bathroom and office are currently being painted! JOY! I feel like this is all I’ve been talking about lately (and I do believe I mention it again in Monday’s scheduled “10+ Things” post, haha) but I’m just so excited for a refresh. I think the space will have such a calming feel, and I’m excited to shuffle around some decor in our home and go neutral up there.
  • Happy Veterans Day to my dad. I’m writing this on Thursday, so when it’s published, I suppose I’ll be a day late. But Dad, I love you! Thank you for your service to our country, and thank you for many happy years on bases in Upstate New York and Northern California. There’s no one I’d rather go flying with!
  • I’m planning a trip to visit my family’s Air Force friends! Since yesterday was Veterans Day, I was chatting with our AF buddies. My family is still incredibly close with Kevin (my father’s co-pilot) + co.; Dad is BFF with Kevin, Mom is BFF with Candy, and I’m BFF with their daughters Annmarie and Betsy. The best part?! Betsy has a daughter around Emma’s age—yet they’ve never met, so this is going to be amazing. We’re trying to organize it so *everyone* is there!
  • I’m really enjoying a nice little break from social media. Nothing bad happened; Life just got busy and I fell off Instagram Stories… and then I didn’t go back on. It reminds me of the old days, when I blogged but was otherwise disconnected—and I like it. I’ll probably go back next week, but hmmm. Maybe I’ll take extended breaks regularly?!

On to this week’s Recent Finds:

Guys. The houndstooth skirt is momentarily back in stock, and it’s so good. Don’t expect it to stay in stock for long—honestly, it may sell out before this post even goes live, haha. And for that, I am deeply sorry. Who’s writing this post late-night? ME!

My favorite plaid scarf of the year.

This cashmere-blend sweater looks wonderfully cozy for work-from-home days.

If you’re in the market for new black flats, these are so cute.

I LOVE THIS. Of course, I have nowhere to wear it to at the moment. But if I did need to get dressed up for something, I would have this in my cart. ;)

This is more my speed right now. Mitch and I are trying to do regular double dates with friends, and this is so something I could see myself in for dinners! Sleek but warm. :)

This is the type of pullover I wear to drop-off.

The trim on this one?!

The cutest plaid pumps of the season, for sure.


A classic white (and very warm) puffer.

I have a similar coat that I wear all.the.time. This one is timeless!

I ordered this dress in black, but I love it in the olive green as well. A girl can never have too many warm dresses for winter around this neck of the woods. I simply pair them with over-the-knee boots… and either wear sheer black tights or biker shorts underneath. (Silly but it helps so much!)

I will not be going anywhere warm until 2022, but this LONG TORSO bathing suit is calling my name! Adore, adore, adore.

One of Tuckernuck’s best-selling sweaters. A fabulous basic, and a great brand known for quality.

Sezane’s photography is stunning.

I think I only have one top, but every time I scroll through the site, I fall in love with something new.

STOP THE PRESSES: Coach is selling fixed-up vintage bags and they’re amazing.

I’ve also always loved this bag. I’ll probably never go for it, as I have a couple of brown crossbody bags that I really like. But sigh. ;)

Oh! Here’s another Veja option I think I like just as much?

These are the Tretorns I was considering. If the Vejas don’t work, I’ll probably go for these as I’ve always found Tretorns to be wonderfully comfy.

Affordable shoes that look like they’re $800?!

Pull-on dress pants that get stellar reviews.

The most versatile velvet dress shirt for the holidays. Super warm, and can be paired with skirts, pants and jeans alike.


I’m a rocket girl…

Black fur vest! Throw it over nearly any sweater and it changes the whole look of the outfit.

I am down to ONE PAIR of pajamas. (Either I shrunk my two other pairs or I’ve been eating too many cookies while watching our show at night. We’re watching Anna Kendrick’s “Love Life,” btw. SO GOOD.) Either way, my one pair is made up of shorts and a short-sleeved top, so I think I should probably invest in a long pair, too. This is my top choice right now!

The best black pumps. The heel is just high enough so that it elevates look but is just low enough to not cause any pain. A pair you’ll *actually* love.

My all-time favorite Bean boots. Others I’ve tried have left my toes cold, but these never do! I’ve worn them on some of the coldest Chicago days, and my feet have remained toasty! Huge fan.

I think I’d stain these immediately. Actually, let me rephrase that: I think Lucy would stain these immediately. ;) But if you’re less of a hot mess than I am, aren’t these perfect?! The SHEARLING LINING!

Favorite cut of Madewell jeans. The BEST way to ease into a different style if you’ve been on the skinny train for a while. (Don’t get me wrong. I love my skinny jeans and believe I always will. But these make me feel great! A tad cool. Which is hilarious if you know me in real life.)

Best athletic jacket of all time. Buttery soft. Another drop-off must-have. Boy, I talk about drop-off a lot.

SO PRETTY. Take all my money, Tuckernuck.

But this one is the most versatile. I’ve had mine since I lived in New York! It’s nuts. It’s the only wool coat I’ve ever been able to wear during the dead of winter in Chicago. It somehow still keeps me warm.

Ooooh, KJP. Never fails me with the brand’s seasonal wear!

My Christmas tree sweater. :)

I love the flannel dress on the left!

These are the tartan pants I’m considering this year because they’re pull-on, and thus conducive to parenthood. ;)

Who needs a holiday dress?!


If you look closely, you’ll see that tiny pearls are woven into the material!

It’s the fur collar for me.


…I should go to bed.


Niiiiiight. ;)