Ugg Boots

Ugg Boots

New year, new “Recent Finds” post! I normally publish this little series on Fridays, but I have another post going live then, so today it is. :)

OKAY. Question: Are Uggs back? I’m really hoping so. And if not, I’m going to try really hard to make the comeback happen. Maybe it’s because it was 10 degrees when I left the house yesterday morning; I don’t know. But I feel compelled to own a pair again, if not just to make those chilly mornings a little nicer. (And easier! Nothing like a pair of slip-on boots when you’re trying to get out the door with two little kids.)

Anyway, I’m all in. And I saw a really cute woman walking around the neighborhood in them yesterday, and I was like, “You know what? Let’s do this.” Tell me your thoughts! Would you wear them?! Or did the Abercrombie skirt/Ugg boots college look scar you for life? 😜

But on to the first “Recent Finds” of the year:

This is the pair I’m looking at! But tell me the truth. Don’t let me look like a 35-year-old who’s stuck in 2006. ;)

And these for Emma! I’m 99 percent sure that these are adorable, haha. Plus Emma goes to TWO outdoor recesses every day in Chicago during the winter, so it’s time to up her cozy footwear game.

GUYS. I recently got these jeans and they’re the best dark denim I’ve ever owned! So slimming and soft! Can’t recommend more. TTS.

I’m headed to Florida next month, and I need a new pair of white jeans since all my old pairs are low-rise and I’m now into high-rise, haha. These look promising! Though I wish Madewell made a pair that was fully in stock. :( Too soon, I guess.

Here’s another option! Both brands I love.

Why isn’t this available in more sizes?!

I LOVE these boots and own them in an older color. This color, though, is gorgeous! Exceptionally warm boots. Great for a Chicago girl. ;)

Isn’t the ruffle detail so cute?!

These are in my cart. LOVE. (And love that they’re denim this time instead of linen. I hate linen, haha.)

So cozy! Love the pink color.

The ruffled collar! And it’s made of great wrinkle-free material.

I know that these are technically I plan on wearing these with longer sweaters.

SUCH a great deal today! I wore these so often during the holidays.

And the price on this classic tartan scarf is unreal.

One of the best selling dresses of the year! I have the Factory version and it’s fabulous. Can’t believe the price!

STUNNING. I have these pants in red, and right now, they’re on sale for $40. Can’t pass that up!

Also on sale. This is a definite. You’ll have ’em forever and the rise is so flattering!

These will definitely be my next pair of Rothy’s. :) Still obsessed one year later, btw!

Cutest coverup for Florida.

And this! This is from Lilly’s Lileeze line. It resists wrinkles and is machine-washable. SO great.

This cozy velour blazer is on my list, too. Looks chic yet is amazingly warm and soft!

Same with this dress!

Barbour sent me this jacket and am so obsessed. The length is very flattering! I went up one size.

But this is my all-time favorite Barbour. SO WARM and has the classic Beadnell cut we all love!

I layer this under my Barbour jackets for extra warmth. Size up.

New in from Anthropologie. LOVE it.

And this lace tunic! So stunning.

Another gorgeous lace top. (Really into lace right now, haha.)

I used to frequent New Haven for concerts pretty often, so this speaks to me. But I didn’t go to Yale, so I don’t feel that I can wear this, haha.

Talbots. WELL DONE! This reminds me so much of Chanel.

The ruffles on this striped button-down!

Classic shaker sweater.

Ugh. Bring me summer.

Ahoy! Everyone loves a good lobster top.

And Chanel-inspired pumps!

Unbelievably soft.

Do you know about Grayson tops? I’ve been seeing them everywhere and I’m SO interested in trying one. They’re apparently the best white shirts on the market, next to Rails. I haven’t tried either, but if you have, let me know your thoughts! (This one caught my eye since it’s apparently very soft and cozy.)

Available in more sizes here.

And in blue! Love this.