Recent Noodle on the Go

Noodle miraculously loves walks now. She used to hate them. Like, we’d have to pull her down the street—which ended when our vet told us that Noodle is just likely a “home dog,” and that she’ll let us know when she’s ready. Well, nearly seven years later, she’s finally ready! She pulls me down the street. 😉

The one little problem is that she refuses to stop for water breaks. I put the water down in front of her, and she wants nothing to do with it. So we mostly stay around the neighborhood and do longer walks on cooler days. I’ve also found that if I stop at a park and I sit down next to the water bowl, she’ll sometimes become interested in it. So that’s something!

Anyway, I brought my camera along for a recent Noodle walk, and this is what I captured. ☺️

closeup of flowers
dandelions in chicago
dandelions closeup shot
flowers in chicago neighborhood
flower macro shot in chicago neighborhood
Recent Noodle on the Go
Recent Noodle on the Go
Recent Noodle on the Go in Chicago
blue hydrangeas
Walking Chicago neighborhood
Recent Noodle on the Go
flowers around chicago neighborhood
chicago neighborhood grills
chicago neighborhood houses
chicago houses
dachshund out for a walk
purple dandelion
Walking around chicago
Recent Noodle on the Go
Recent Noodle on the Go
dachshund in front door