Ugh. Today was not my day. Admittedly, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I was in a bad mood for no reason other than it was Monday and I didn’t want it to be Monday yet. I hate it when I’m like that.

My moodiness got me thinking, though. One’s outlook on life is pretty easily manipulated. I mean, had I just woken up and said to myself, “Self, today’s going to be a great day!” — then it probably would have been, right? Of course, this is easier said than done. It’s pretty hard to convince myself–on a Monday morning at 5 a.m. when it’s still pitch dark and it’s absolutely freezing out–to have a positive outlook. But I need to try harder! I generally see the glass as being half full, but it’s my mornings that screw me up.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to get up earlier so I’m not rushed, play Ryan Adams (my favorite), drink coffee (OMG–major typo originally… Forgot to include the word “coffee” — YIKES), and smile. Life is good, Morning Kelly. Life is good. :)

Dress: Gap (Take 40 percent off with code “SURPRISE”) / Bag: ASOS / Boots: Franco Sarto (Old), similar herehere and here / Bracelets: Capwell + Co. (c/o) and J.Crew (Old), similar here* / Necklaces: Paradise, almost identical here; and J.Crew (Old), almost identical here* / WatchMichael Kors / Tights: HUE (Don’t care if I’m the only one wearing tights. I’m freezing. All the time. And I blame my parents. ;) I was pretty much born in Canada. Also, HUE is amazing. Highly recommended–best tights ever! They get me through the winter. Rant over.) / EarringsJ.Crew*, cheaper version here / LipstickClinique

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october 2-24

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