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Mitch went back to work yesterday, and I have to admit: being on my own was difficult. Until the moment he left the house, I was all like, “I’ve got this! I’m Super Mom! I’m going to do all the Mom things and work and maintain the house!” But then he was gone, and reality hit. Everything with an infant is more challenging when you’re alone. Even little stuff–like using the bathroom, drinking a glass of water, or turning on a light switch–can seem darn near impossible with a baby. ;)

We also had an uncharacteristically fussy day yesterday, which obviously accounted for some of my helplessness. Some little victories, though:

Noodle, Emma and I successfully went on a walk together! Getting a baby, a neurotic dachshund, and a rather large stroller out the door was a bit challenging, but I did it. And the walk was really awesome.

I made some phone calls. If you know me outside of Blog World and tried to text me yesterday, you probably received something along the lines of “kjshdfkajsdhf” as a reply. Sorry about that. Apparently I am not gifted in the one-handed texting department. I did, however, manage to make some phone calls and catch up with some of my favorite people while feeding Emma. Sorry, Friends and Family. I promise not to harass you day-in and day-out!

I improved my dance skills. Emma and I have been spending some serious time dancing around the house to a cute little playlist that Mitch made us, as it helps Emma’s tummy. “Emaline” by Ben Folds Five is our fave.

I ate lasagna. Eating was not something I expected I’d be able to do yesterday. But during the course of a very fussy day, Emma did fall asleep at one point, and I scarfed down the amazing lasagna that my friend Lisa dropped off late last week. Lisa, I love you. Thank you for keeping me alive. ;)

I peed. What? Like I said, it’s the little things.

I had girlfriends over. Once I realized that I was not, in fact, going to be able to cross tasks off my to-do list, my friends Jess and Danielle came over and kept me company. All hail girlfriends! Guys, thanks for letting me flash you like a thousand times. And thank you for walking Noodle and chatting with me!

I answered three e-mails. I have 50k+ others. No big deal.

(A LOT are nonsense. It’s not as bad as it sounds. But yes. It is bad.)

I snuggled. Without a doubt, the highlight of my day. My first day on my own was challenging, but all the self doubt and feelings of inadequacy fell to the wayside whenever I had my little girl snuggled up on my shoulder or in my arms. So much love.

I browsed. Something I can totally do with one hand? Scroll through the new arrivals at Nordstrom. (Sorry, Mitch. With any hope, I drop my phone one last time and really kill it, haha.) So for now, I’ll leave you with some of my findings. Fingers crossed for better blog content tomorrow! ;) Still working on those posts I promised…

If you have kids, I’d love to hear about your first days/weeks with Baby!