Emma wearing this Tuckernuck hat | 10 Things 7/5

An oldie but a goldie from this post! ^ Emma wearing this Tuckernuck hat.


  • What day is it? Such is life when on the Shore. I’m writing this in advance, but if all went as planned, we just had the best Fourth of July with my parents, my brothers, my sister-in-law, my nephew, and Grammie. We usually pull the kids in the decorated wagon in the parade, grill or cook lobsters, and watch the fireworks in the sand. I cry every time because it’s my favorite holiday, haha. Lots of family time yet low-key. And in my favorite place. ;)
  • Please check out my friend Ann Marie’s blog. Located on the North Shore of Chicago, Ann Marie is a few years older than I am, and has kids in high school in college. It’s wonderful following along with her and getting a glimpse of what my future life might (hopefully!) be like. She’s an amazing mom and has impeccable style. Can’t wait to grab lunch or dinner with her when we get back from OC!
  • Being in Ocean City with our two kids and nephew has me thinking of all the high school and college parties Patrick and I threw here back in the day. The dichotomy is hilarious. I’m sorry, Mom and Dad.
  • I’m so grateful for Minnow Swim girls’ bathing suits. Specifically the ones with sleeves! The suits feature UPF 50+, and while yes, I still slather the Blue Lizard sunblock on, that gives me an added sense of security. Emma is very fair, and even Lucy isn’t, she actually burns more easily than Emma does. Protecting them both is so important!
  • Did I tell you about Pelican Sweep 2021? Hahaha. My friend Bradley’s daughter lost her favorite brass pelican recently, and we spent hours looking for it one night. No one could seem to let it go. The following day, her husband, Peter, found it in the couch cushions. As someone who personally went through those cushions at least five times, I’m convinced Peter stole the pelican and then freaked and planted it in the cushions the following morning. (Why? That remains to be seen. 😆)
  • I’m considering buying a backup camera body and it’s paining me. I primarily shoot with the amazing Canon EOS R and the very affordable RF 35mm lens, and ADORE my gear. It’s comparatively very small when next to a DSLR, and I just can’t get over how sharp the images. But with kids and how often I’m on the go, I’m admittedly tough on my gear. I’ve been in the situation in the past where I had to wait a solid week to have a camera repaired, and I fell so behind on work. (And got into quite a lot of trouble with deadlines, haha.) So as my camera body has been acting up lately (most likely due to a series of drops), I’m thinking it’s time. Just not an exciting purchase, you know?! More like an insurance policy.
  • I’m also considering upgrading my suitcase. I’d love to get a new one for Christmas because my old one is pretty beaten up. I love the Steamline look, but no way I’m paying that much for luggage, ha. Any suggestions?! (I hear the Bric’s Bellagio is good, but also pricey.)
  • My friend Krista designed her own sun hat and it’s adorable. I’m so proud of you, Krista! Amazing. Love the fact that it fits my large head—woven hats rarely do—and that the bow is the prettiest I’ve ever seen. Highly recommend.
  • Amazon “beauty” find: Aquaphor Lip Repair Stick: WOW. I’ve loved Aquaphor since high school, but always wished their lip products came in stick form. Well, NOW THEY DO! I bought a bunch and they’ve helped so much with dryness. For SPF protection, I like this Sugar Lip Balm.
  • Amazon “home” find: Fitted Sheet Mesh Laundry Bags: GUYS! Not sure why I never thought of this before, but putting fitted and flat sheets in their own mesh bags in the dryer prevents the fiery rage that occurs when the soaking wet flat sheet and pillow cases end up inside the dry fitted sheet. Wooooooooooooo! (Hi. I’m in my 30s.)
  • The girls lost their voices. They feel totally fine and have no other symptoms; they just sound like they partied a bit too hard. Ah, College Emma and College Lucy. 😜 Such a riot.