kelly in the city central park

I’m a summer girl at heart, but I really, really love snow. How could I not? I’m a teacher, after all. ;) The above photo was taken a few years ago on a typical school day morning, only I wasn’t in the Bronx. I was frolicking around Central Park during my very first official snow day as an adult, my beloved old Nikon in hand (RIP, little guy… you were my first love), taking pictures of ducks. (#normal) It was a magical day. After the duck thing, I spent my time wandering the city, drinking coffee, talking to my mom on the phone, and not worrying about my job. I guess the reason I love snow days so much is because the hustle and bustle of everyday life pauses for a moment, and we’re suddenly afforded time to breathe. We can’t go anywhere or get much accomplished, so we just… breathe. Which is nice.

Typical Snow Day Attire: Puffer: Vineyard Vines, available here / Fleece-lined leggings: Anthropologie (totally wore them to bed last night, too. Don’t judge. At least I showered.) / Bag: Kate Spade / Boots: L.L. Bean (I’m wearing the 8-inch version, which is also available in Thinsulate and Thinsulate/Gore-Tex. Six-inch version here, and mocs here. Oh, and use code “JAN10” to take 10 percent off!) / Socks: J.Crew Factory (Sold out), similar here / Scarf: Cuyana (c/o via PopSugar) / Gloves: C.Wonder (Take an additional 50 percent off! Discount automatically applied at checkout.)

Now, I’ve pretty much given up on the idea that school will be canceled tomorrow. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says it’s just not happening. It’s fine. I mean, I have a sore throat, so I could definitely use the break… but whatever. I’m still delighting in the fact that for tonight, a ton of powered sugar has been seemingly dumped on the Big Apple, and everything looks beautiful and sparkling and clean. (Kind of like Chicago? ;)) Tomorrow, of course, it’ll be a big, gray, slushy mess, and we’ll all have to maneuver around those huge puddles that form where the crosswalks meet the sidewalks, and get sprayed with grossness by passing cabs… But for now, everything is gorgeous and lovely. And with that, goodnight.

(Oh. And I lied. My hopes are totally still up about the possibility of having a snow day tomorrow, hehe.)