Recent Finds 4/15 - padded jack rogers

Padded Jack Rogers! / Rug

Recent Finds is back! Had a lot of fun putting this (very random) collection of awesome items together. :)

The most exciting? PADDED JACK ROGERS. I tried another comfort version last year, and while they are much better than the originals, they ended up feeling more like Birkenstocks to me. The padded Jack Rogers are next level, though. Everything I’ve ever hoped for, haha. They look exactly like the originals but don’t kill my heels. Totally true to size, too. I wear a 7.5 in flats, for example, and I took these in a 7.5. My heels do not hang off the back in the slightest!

Here are the rest of this week’s Recent Finds:

I will always love MZ Wallace. This color and the crossbody style is awesome!

My all-time favorite Emerson Fry dress is back. It’s a stunner. Runs a little big; don’t size up.

I have the style in this color, too. I also love this one, this one and this one.

The perfect gauze shirt for the upcoming warmer weather. (Can’t believe I’m saying that.)

My favorite sweater in my closet right now. You can reverse it and wear it as a cardigan, too, as there are buttons down the back!

Here it is in cream.

Love this striped shirt from Alex Mill as well.

STOP. How have I missed these? (I need zero additional baskets, though. Haha.)

I’ve had my eye on the 16″ version of this backpack for the longest time, just to make airplane travel easier with the girls.



Obsessed with these ballet flats. They’re my most-worn for sure! The leather is insanely soft and there’s zero break-in time.

New Chanel (washable) look-alikes from Rothy’s!

I didn’t decorate for Easter this year. (I KNOW! But the girls are at their grandparents’ and we’re celebrating Easter down there with them on Sunday.) But how cute are these painted eggs?

Omg. My beloved loafers now have a chunky heel?!

These are the originals. SO padded and the leather is wonderfully soft. I have the worst feet yet they never hurt in these!

These look uncomfortable but wouldn’t they make for great shoes for a beachy wedding?!

It’s almost time to break out the Birks. The white is my fave.

And THESE. I probably wear these sandals the most. They look so much like the Hermes version yet they’re way more affordable and comfier, in my opinion. (Only because I’ve tried a friend’s for like five minutes, haha.)

These look like a dream. Why so much $?!

I’m on a shoe kick. These are the best investment shoes I’ve ever owned. I have them in black but the white is so lovely for spring!

We still need wool around here, but this is great for spring!

Love that Tuckernuck restocked my favorite flag sweater this year. It’s generous; don’t size up.

Have been looking for a cute black-and-white cotton sweater for a while, and this one’s on sale!

Have been considering this for travel! My travel accessories are so worn out.

What a great deal on a classic dress!

Another classic for a total steal.

My most-worn headband during the summer. Exceptionally helpful for frizzy days.

Cute bow skirt.

A no-wrinkle breezy dress.


The perfect LBD.

And also this one. :)

A less preppy version of the ruffled sweater/sweatshirt.

I’m a sucker for beautiful white blouses.

This is the newer version of our outdoor coffee table. It’s the BEST. Holds up so well against Chicago winters, and it’s pretty much indestructible.