Stay Home

This is my brother: Dr. Patrick Sheehan.

He’s an emergency room doctor, and brand new father to two-week-old baby Christopher, named after our dad. Patrick is on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic–willingly exposing himself to the virus so he can provide care to those who truly need it–but the country’s healthcare system is already becoming overwhelmed.

Today, I beg you to self-quarantine if at ALL possible, practice social distancing when it is not, and speak up when you see unsafe behavior. I know it’s difficult, especially when people around you aren’t taking the situation seriously yet. But we’re not in middle school. Stand up for what’s right.

If we learn from Italy, we can stop the spread and prevent emergency rooms and ICUs from collapsing. Don’t force doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to turn away the sick; to face the impossible and the unthinkable. Allow them to do their incredibly admirable jobs. They are real-life heroes, and now more than ever, they need our help.

Love you and proud of you, Patrick. ♥️