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New Studio McGee for Target

Shagreen Frame / Framed Canvas / Accent Chair / Metal Bowl / Ceramic Lamp / Shagreen Tray / Wicker Lamp / Console Table / Throw Pillow / Door Mat / Stoneware Plates / Throw Blanket

This week Target gave us all the gift of a new Studio McGee collection! We just got home from our holiday travels and the girls are sick on the couch 😢, so I had a minute to scroll through and IT IS SO GOOD, GUYS. Too much to include in one collage, so I put even more picks like this ceiling pendant and this block print throw pillow further down below.

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After Christmas Sales 2023 (Up to 50% Off CASHMERE!)

Hi guys!

Did everyone have a merry Christmas?! Sometimes (okay, usually 🤪) it feels like SO MUCH WORK to get to the actual holidays but it’s always worth it. The girls are having the best time on break, and so are we. Popping in because I noticed J.Crew and J.Crew Factory are having some pretty great sales I didn’t want anyone to miss!

First of all, I can’t BELIEVE these darling bow heels are still available in every color and almost every size. Is this a glitch?! Actually, don’t even question it. Just add them to your cart now. If you’re looking for a more basic pair of heels in a similar style, these look so great. It sounds like you might want to go down a half size though! (The flat version is a little big.) Also, these sneakers have the same look as my go-to pair but unbranded and SO CHEAP. Just $24!

If there’s one thing J.Crew does well (besides, like, everything 🤣) it’s layers. I want one of every Lady Jacket, including this sherpa style with faux leather trim. Chic, but cozy! Same with this v-neck sweater blazer worn by Meghan Markle. It’s preppy and polished but looks SO comfortable. This cocoon sweater blazer looks like, well, the perfect cocoon for passing out by the fire. Or running errands, but preferably the latter, haha. Size way down! You may want to go down a size in this oversized turtleneck too. The 90% cotton-10% cashmere blend is just right for school drop-offs in the spring, don’t you think?

If you spot J.Crew denim you like on sale, I recommend going for it because it’ll almost always be a good deal! I’m LOVING the demi-boot cut and this pair comes in the *most* versatile medium wash. A few other finds too good not to share: a basic striped shirt, this pretty ribbed puff sleeve top, and leather gloves that will make you feel SO fancy.

J.Crew has some of the BEST cashmere, and it’s reasonably priced! Plus, you know I’m hyper sensitive to fabrics, so I mean it when I say it’s soft. Right now they’re offering up to 50% off cashmere which means NOW’S THE TIME TO BUY, GUYS. As of writing they still have a range of colors and sizes in some great basics.

You all love this shrunken crewneck – shown in a timeless navy and white stripe but available in approximately 7 million colors. It’s supposed to fit cropped but reviewers say it still runs a touch small, FYI! Apparently the shrunken cable knit is true to size though. The classic crewneck is one of my favorite basics and in CONSTANT rotation. I’m also loving this tank top, which you could easily layer beneath any of the cardigans: the ribbed v-neck, patch pocket, relaxed ribbed, and shrunken v-neck cable knit. (If you misplaced or need new gloves going into 2024, this pair is only $40, 100% cashmere, and available in three versatile neutrals!)

J.Crew Factory + clearance + extra 60% off = BASICALLY FREE. 😉 First, let’s talk denim. This pair reminds me so much of the famous demi-boot cropped jeans from J.Crew. Plus, they come in white! The white skinny jeans look great too—a high rise with PLENTY of stretch. There are a lot of shoes worth looking at too! These knee-high boots come in the *most* beautiful chocolate suede, as well as black. Of course I’m loving the green pointy-toe flats. Factory flats can be hit or miss comfort-wise, but these have good reviews. Also, while I’m loyal to my beloved Sorel boots, these faux fur winter hiking boots are too cute and have GREAT reviews.

My favorite J.Crew sweater blazer was discontinued a while ago, but this Factory one is a worthy lookalike. It’s one of those pieces you’ll have in constant rotation! How cute is this sweater dress?! The camel color, the subtle mockneck—I’m going to ignore that it’s made from 7% wool because not everyone is as ridiculously sensitive to fibers as I am. 🤣 The one review does say that it runs big, which makes sense because knit like this tends to stretch. This faux fur coat is SO PLUSH and a steal at only $40. I love the shoulder buttons on this $16 striped shirt, which comes in some classic (non-shimmery) colors in addition to the glittery gold. Also couldn’t resist adding these fun barrettes to the mix!

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Amazon Family Travel Essentials

No matter how prepared I think I am, a couple days before traveling I immediately begin to panic—and cue the Amazon order! (It’s fine, I’m fine, everything is fine. 😂)  We’re all counting down to the holidays and this felt like a good time to share some family travel essentials from my Amazon list.

Foldable Tray / Car Organizer / Rolling Backpack / Car Trash Can / Toiletry Bag / Kid Headphones / Contact Lens Case / Car Seat Bag / Sound Machine / Portable Charger / Packing Cubes / Travel Bottles / Mini Jewelry Organizer

When it comes to flying with kids, my MO is to CHECK EVERYTHING. Just do it guys, okay? This car seat bag helps me tell our carseats apart from everyone else’s at baggage claim. It comes in black too, but I never miss the red on the conveyor belt! I *wish* I thought of this foldable airplane tray. It’s GENIUS. Straps keep it from moving around. Nothing falls on the floor. There’s pockets AND a cup holder! I’m such a fan. A rolling backpack is a game changer in airports. Your kids don’t have to hold or even wear anything—all they have to do is push or pull it. Which means no complaining! Everybody wins. (Everybody wins when you remember the portable charger too because a dead iPad is just… not recommended. 🤣 Make sure to pack their headphones!)

You should never, EVER take a road trip without a mini trash can. This one is waterproof (!) and can be fastened to a seat, headrest, or console. Whether you have kids or not, you’re going to want to get a car organizer. Books, toys, electronics, snacks—everything stays super organized. I will do ANYTHING to minimize the chaos of spending way too many hours in the car 🤪 but it’s so great for short drives too.

Sleep can be hard enough to come by in your own bed and a sound machine makes being away from home WAY easier. Also making it easier? Travel bottles for your liquids, a mini jewelry organizer, a contact lens case, and PACKING CUBES. Please don’t underestimate how much packing cubes can change your life. They seem frivolous until you try them, and then you will NEVER go back! Trust me. (Also, how cute is this toiletry bag? There’s a million other sayings and a few different colors!)

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2023 Gifts Under $50 for Women

Guys. Why didn’t anyone tell me Christmas is less than TWO WEEKS AWAY?!

Woo-ee, I am not ready. Like, physically, I definitely am (send help haha), but I still haven’t gotten all my shopping done yet. 🙈 Standard shipping deadlines are happening within the next couple of days at most places, but almost all of these $50-and-under finds can be purchased on Amazon or at a major brick-and-mortar retailer like Anthropologie, Nordstrom, and Sephora if you’re coming across this a little bit later!

Cashmere Sweater / Trinket Box / Set of 2 Frames / Phone Case / Cashmere Gloves / Set of 3 Cream Blush and Highlighter / Lip Butter Balm / Cubic Zirconia Studs / Coffee Table Book / Candle Warmer / Reed Diffuser / Silk Pillowcase

Does Quince have a fan club? Because if so, I should probably run for president (in all my spare time haha). The prices are UNREAL for the quality of their timeless staples, so you can give people really fancy gifts on a not-so-fancy budget! Their $50 cashmere sweater is famous, comes in an entire rainbow of colors, and has approximately 7 million five-star reviews. Speaking of, THESE CASHMERE GLOVES ARE ONLY $30. Why don’t we all have these?! It’s practically theft. 😉 So are these cubic zirconia studs. I am not a “real jewelry” girl, and they look just as realistic as Lucy’s $9.99 diamond ring. IYKYK! I also threw in this tortoiseshell phone case, because I feel like it’s one of those things you only buy when you get a new phone. So chic though, right?

I’m all about a good coffee table book, as much for reading as for decor. Shea McGee recently released The Art of Home and every single page looks absolutely stunning. I love our home so much, but if I could move into all of those spaces? There would be no. stopping. me. This trinket box is SO BEAUTIFUL and literally looks like you picked it up at an antique shop. There’s a good chance people are getting candles for Christmas, and this candle warmer will make them last FOREVER. (And if they’re not a candle person, what about a reed diffuser?!) I can’t think of anyone—least of all me 😂—who remembers to print updated photos out in a timely manner, so this set of frames (paired with cute pictures!) is all but a guaranteed win.

Carly is obsessed with the Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm and says it’s super hydrating with perfectly subtle color and shine. If she loves it, I’m 100% positive you and your gift recipients will too. While we’re on the topic of people’s favorite beauty buys, almost everyone I know LOVES Ilia’s cream blush and highlighter, and this set gets you three multi-sticks for under $50! (I’m a big fan of their mascara.) Also, silk pillowcases. I know they’re SO good for your hair and skin, and yet, I still haven’t gotten them. Why am I like this?! Do as I say, not as I do. 🤣

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My Favorite Cozy Finds

As someone with a circulation disorder who lived in the tri-state area their whole life, I thought I understood what it meant to be cold—until we moved to Chicago. I was *woefully* unprepared. Now? Don’t worry about me guys, I’m definitely over-prepared. 🤣 Still, as soon as the temperatures start to drop ALL I WANT TO BE IS COZY. Especially once Christmas passes and there’s just no good reason to be freezing anymore. I own all but a couple of the items below and they’ll be in constant rotation until further notice.

White Sweater / Sherpa Lady Jacket / Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket / Cozy Robe / Sherpa Mules / Barefoot Dreams Beanie / UGG Boots / Barefoot Dreams Socks / Alex Mill Sweater / Sorel Boots / UGG Slippers / ChappyWrap Blanket / Dudley Stephens Turtleneck / Alex Mill Cardigan / LAKE Pajamas Bundle

Okay, SO. If you recall, it took me actual years for me to finally listen to Carly and try LAKE pajamas. They live up to every single hype AND THEN SOME—they’re mind bogglingly soft and wash like a dream. This bundle gives you the best of both worlds: shorts for spring/summer and pants for fall/winter! THAT SAID, Carly swears that her favorite piece from LAKE is actually their Cozy Robe. It’s, well, ridiculously cozy. Wear them together and you’ll never take them off.

I know everyone knows about Barefoot Dreams, but I don’t think everyone knows… you know?! Believe me when I tell you it isn’t ONE BIT overrated. If you’re just starting your collection, get the socks first. They’re even softer than you can image and will keep your feet SO warm. (And if you get the set, you can keep them all for yourself *or* gift the other pairs!) The beanie is just as amazing. No itch at ALL. The throw blanket is a classic, not to mention a staple in our home! I like to hide it from everyone else in our bedroom. 😂 Everyone in the house has their own ChappyWrap though. The fleece is unlike any other fleece I’ve ever felt. IT’S SO SOFT. Plus, they’re machine-washable and dryer-safe!

This $49.90 sweater from Quince is SUCH a convincing alternative to my beloved Jenni Kayne Fisherman Sweater that’s literally 8x more expensive. The famous Alex Mill cardigan is one of my favorite buys—the thick cotton, the chunky stitch, the millions of colors (okay, there’s 7). It’s just the best! Then again, EVEN BETTER is the button back sweater because it’s reversible—you can wear the buttons on the back or on the front like a cardigan. Dudley Stephens turtlenecks are an essential part of my morning drop-off wardrobe and 100% worth the investment. They’re basically like your favorite sweatshirt, but way more polished. Win-win! Speaking of polished-but-comfy: Did you know the iconic Lady Jacket comes in sherpa?! I’ll take one of every iteration J.Crew wants to release. 😉

These UGG slippers are basically like feet sweaters. And once you know that, is there anything else that needs to be said?! I love them so much. On the topic of UGGs: If recreating 2006 with these boots is wrong, I absolutely refuse to be right. Despite having Raynaud’s, my feet are always warm and toasty no matter the weather. Believe it or not, these sneaker boots from Sorel are actually just as comfortable as my trusty UGGs, but waterproof! Go up half a size to accommodate thick socks. And finally, these shearling and suede slippers are the budget-friendly lookalike for my Jenni Kayne mules. Perfect for wearing around the house, right?!

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Holiday Outfit Picks for Girls

HI. After a magical stay at the Loews Hotel here in Chicago this weekend, I started feeling under the weather. (Every time I have the chance to relax, my body realizes just how tired it really is. Anyone else!?) I may be a little dead BUT my Christmas spirit is alive and well, haha.

Dressing the girls is one of my favorite hobbies (yes, I know what I just said, and no, it isn’t healthy 🤪). Every time the holidays roll around, I’m convinced their wardrobes should include enough tartan and sparkle to wear them 24/7/365. Basically, this roundup is my version of exhibiting self-control so I can live vicariously through all of you guys. 🤣 Don’t forget to SIZE UP if you have a toddler. Cuff and roll now, so this time next year they can wear the same clothes!

Red Cardigan / Gingham Dress / Red Dress / Bow Sweater / Green Pants / Tartan Headband / Tartan Skirt / Tartan Dress / Mary Janes / Tweed Lady Jacket / Bow Socks

I have to start with tartan, because OBVIOUSLY (we’re going to pretend like I still have it in me to do #60daysofplaid 😅) Let me tell you about this dress. My favorite detail isn’t actually the slightly-puffy sleeves or crystal buttons on the front, but the fact that there’s a MATCHING dress for women! The Stewart tartan on this skirt is just as cute—and a little bit brighter. I’d pair it with this red cardigan with crystal buttons! At literally $7, I don’t know why I haven’t already gotten this headband for Lucy and Emma—AND all of their friends. Just because it’s sooo cheap.

I think my favorite piece HAS to be the $30 shimmery tweed lady jacket. If it wasn’t already sold out in the largest sizes, I’d buy it for myself. Get it while you still can, okay?! Okay, great. Moving on: I love a holiday bow. My girls love sequins. This sweater is the perfect compromise. (Plus, it’s 100% cotton—so NO ITCH.) When I saw these pants I knew they’d look too cute together.

I don’t think anything on this list is more precious what Boden calls the TWIRLY DRESS. It has a Peter Pan collar *and* a bow and it’s selling out way too fast so PLEASE HURRY. I’m also very into this cute (gingham!) dress that’s a little less fancy. Any and all of these pieces can be worn with the most darling scalloped Mary Janes and bow socks!

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Cyber Monday 2023 Sale Picks

HAPPY MONDAY! I think parents and retail workers will agree when I say that TODAY feels like the real holiday. 🤣 Are you all okay?! We… might be. TBD, haha.

I’m wrapping up the last of my sale picks for Cyber Week (see part one and part two!) and ending with more from J.CrewJ.Crew Factory, and Tuckernuck—there’s just too many amazing deals!

If you haven’t already stocked up on outwear, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! J.Crew has some of the best coats and vests out there. They’ll actually last you forever, and at 50% off, I mean… Listen, just think about it, okay? I own both the Chateau Parka (a little sportier) and Lady Day Coat (a little dressier) and consider myself one of their biggest fans. If you have your eyes on the latter but it’s not *quite* what you’re looking for, take a look at the Lady Jacket—which is cropped—or the Warwick Topcoat—which is less fitted in the waist. I LOVE that their Excursion Vest is experiencing a comeback. It’s the perfect light layer, especially for indoors! The Barn Jacket (basically a Barbour on a budget) is 60% off, WHICH IS SO CRAZY YOU GUYS. If you find yourself misplacing cold weather accessories everything you go—what, no, not methese gloves are 58% off and this oversized scarf is 71% off (!!).

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