Affordable Smocked Baby + Girls' Dresses from Amazon

$30 Smocked Dress from Amazon!

Hi, Friends. :) I said this yesterday on Instagram, but there’s an undeniable heaviness in the air; one that’s difficult—impossible, perhaps—to escape right now. So for now, until I’m able to put thoughts and feelings into words, I’m going to run some pre-scheduled blog posts… if only to provide a short distraction for those who are looking for it. ♥️


As much as I love a good smocked dress from Ralph Lauren, the prices are steep. Lately, though, I’ve been turning to Amazon for these very traditional dresses for the girls, and I can’t believe how many gems I’ve found!

Affordable Smocked Baby + Girls' Dresses from Amazon

Pink Smocked Dress

A few of my favorite brands:

Carriage Boutique: This is my favorite, but out of all the brands, it’s certainly the priciest. That said, they’re still a lot less than what I see from brands that are more well-known!

PHLONA: This is a close second, and where the dress in the above photo is from! Usually $10-$20 under Carriage Boutique’s prices, and a lot of the dresses are JUST as cute.

Hope & Henry: Okay. No smocking here, but I’m going to go ahead and give them an honorable mention. I found this company a few years ago, and always buy a couple of pieces every year. It’s similar to the style of Ralph Lauren children’s clothing, but obviously a lot more affordable. Thus far, the quality has held up very well!

Pettigirl: You really have to sort through their listings because there are a whole lot of princess costumes, but Pettigirl has some great smocked dresses if you’re willing to dig around a little! They’re priced more moderately, in the $35 area, and they’re long, so keep that in mind when ordering. I go up 1-2 sizes for Emma.

Bonnie Jean: Way less inventory, but every once in a while, I find a gem here.

The Silly Sissy: Love gingham? This is where to go to get your fix. ;) They don’t have much, but goodness do they do a gingham dress well!

Good Lad: SO CHEAP! I got the girls’ Fourth of July dresses from here last year, and they were a huge hit. I’ll admit that they don’t really compare to some of the other brands in terms of quality, but it’s not awful, haha, and you sure get a lot of cuteness the money! The Old Navy of smocked dresses, if you will. (And I love Old Navy.)

Petit Ami: You’ll find mostly baptism dresses here, but the company also carries some everyday and special occasion dresses that are wonderfully adorable. Love that green one!

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