Written By Cassandra Eldridge

5 Slow Cooker Recipes for Chilly Spring Days

slow cooker recipes

Hello, Ladies! Cassandra here from The Calm Collective. I’m currently nestled up in my apartment, surrounded by all the twinkle lights. (They’re year-round. Yes, I’m that person. 😜) There’s cool, fresh air (with a hint of warmth in there) coming in through the cracked window, and some seriously delicious aromas wafting from my slow cooker as I type this. As you can imagine, I have zero complaints at the moment!

I know. It’s the end of April, and we’re all sick of temps in the 30s and 40s. But soon (so soon!), spring will be here, and these cozy days spent inside without guilt will be gone. It’s time we think of chilliness differently; it’s time to soak up all things comfort!

One of my favorite things about this in-between season is that during it, I do a lot of cooking for myself, and experiment. And in full tribute to that, I wanted to share five of my go-to slow cooker recipes that are currently rotating through my crockpot. I eat vegan or vegetarian about 50 percent of the time, so there’s surely something for everyone here!

15 End-of-Winter Date Night Ideas

end-of-winter date night ideas

Hi, Friends! Cassandra here from The Calm Collective again. (I’m helping Kelly out while she and Mitch are on their babymoon in Rhode Island!)

What are you guys up to this weekend?! I’m currently embracing a quiet night in with some vino, Netflix, veggie chili, and a sweet pup at my feet. The candles are burning, the twinkle lights are [still] on, and there’s a bubble bath in my very near future. That doesn’t sound too terrible, right? Given the picture I just painted for you, it’s probably a little obvious that I’m intentionally single. I say “intentionally” because for the past several of months, I’ve chosen to… get this… date myself.  While this isn’t my forever plan (ha), it’s been incredibly nourishing and I’m soaking up every moment.

10 Ways to Stay Healthy During Winter Travel

Ways to Stay Healthy During Winter Travel

Hi, Ladies! Cassandra here from The Calm Collective. How is everyone hanging in this winter? If you’re in the Midwest, I’m sure you can relate when I say that this has been a tough one to get through. My winter blues are kicking in, and I’m doing all I can to stay healthy amidst my work schedule and occasional trips.

10 Fun Fall Activities

fall home decor

Hi friends! Cassandra here from The Calm Collective.

I hope you had a great weekend, and were able to soak up all the fall foliage wherever you were on the map. Here in Chicago, the fall leaves are finally starting to show their colors. The trees that line my street are now a crisp bright yellow, and a mix of red and orange leaves pave the sidewalks. The sun has been shining full-blast, which means only one thing: fall fashion is still in the game. (It also mean that Halloween is in a couple of days, and I’m still brainstorming costume ideas…)

5 Chicago Spots with Gorgeous Fall Views

Chicago Spots with Gorgeous Fall Views

In case you missed it, I took on a staff writer/photographer last week! (Here’s the announcement.) Having a little help has made a big difference in my life… and the fact that she’s one of my close friends?! Well, that just makes it fun. :) I also love seeing Chicago through the eyes of someone else. If I had written this post, for example, I know I would have gravitated to the same old spots I always frequent. Cassandra, though, came up with five totally different locations. Love that!

Without further ado, I’ll let her take it away. ;)