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Madewell Herringbone Sweater Coat on Sale

Herringbone Sweater Coat (Newer Version) / Loafers / Roadtripper Jeans (Best jeans EVER!) / Leather Tote (Also adore this crossbody.) / Newer White Top

Just a little heads up that one of. my all-time favorite articles of clothing—the Madewell Herringbone Coat—is back in sweater coat form, and on major sale.

Happiness Walk, Vol. 5

Hunter Insulated Boots available via Zappos, and Free People in black, too! / J.Crew Chateau Puffer Coat / Lululemon Align Leggings / Amazon Sweater (So soft!) / Amazon Snood Scarves / Barefoot Dreams Hat / Little Flower Mask / Lucy’s Patagonia Hi-Loft Jacket / Lucy’s Hat + Mittens + Similar Puffy Boots / Baby Jogger Stroller (BEST ONE EVER!) and Stroller Speaker / Mitch’s Uggs / Noodle’s Bean Boot Collar and Leash / Camera + Lens (Though I primarily shoot with this teeny, very affordable lens and love it!)

Oh, HI!

Now that Emma is out of remote learning and back in school—which is going so well, I should note 🥰—Mitch and I are able to get outside together during the day. IT’S AMAZING, especially now that we’re no longer dealing with negative temperatures. The sun came out yesterday so we took advantage and brought Noodle and Lucy over to the lake. :)

Side note: See how Noodle is trying to get away? It’s because she fell in love with a wired-haired dachshund who was also out for a little trot. (Dachshunds really need to run to keep up with their owners because their legs are so short. 😉) Here’s hoping that Noodle and Buster cross paths again!

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Life After KonMari: How to Keep Up

Life After KonMari: How to Keep Up

Product links here

If you’re new here, I’m a BIG fan of Marie Kondo. (Like every other mid-30s mom is, right?!) We went through the whole process at our old home before moving, and WOW. After using the KonMari Method, life was easier and more enjoyable. And it still is, over two years later!

I’ll likely never need to do a whole-home clean-out again, as I’ve adopted a lot of the skills I learned, and they’re now part of my everyday routines. That said, our home is not a museum. Real people—and a dog—live here. Messes are made, fun is had, clutter builds, and things get dirty. But if I’ve learned anything from KonMari, it’s that the key to maintaining the lifestyle isn’t becoming crazy about the whole thing. It’s simply committing to some quick upkeep!

It’s March, and we’re one step closer to spring and therefore spring cleaning. I’m also personally in a place where organizing and cleaning are really helping with my mental health. ☀️ So here’s what I aim to do to keep up with the KonMari lifestyle. (Keep in mind, however, that these are simply goals. I very often let things go because I’m human! 😉)

Cute Gifts for Kids

Cute Gifts for Kids

Dachshund Sweater / Tulip Dress / Ric Rac Dress / Striped Bow Back Dress / Alpha, Bravo, Charlie / Striped Scalloped Dress / Magformers Play House / Guinea Pig Nightgown / Gineau Pig Stuffed Animal / Noodle Mask / Anthropologie Dolls / Sausage Dog Set / Ruffled Sweatshirt / Lacing Sheep / Red Checkered Dress / Storybook Maker / “Learn to Tell Time” Toy / Fur Snood / Playmobil 123 House

SO MANY UPCOMING BIRTHDAYS! Lucy’s is in May and Emma’s is in August, so those aren’t for a while. But they have a ton of friends who were apparently all born at the same time 😆, and so I’ve been waving in the cute gifts! (Always try to buy several weeks ahead of time that way there isn’t any panic. Here are a few cute things in case you’re in the same boat!

(I should note that next time I do this, I’ll be sure to include more clothing for boys, too. We only have a couple of little boy friends, so it kind of slipped my mind. Sorry ’bout that!)

Chicago Halloweenie Walk

Chicago Halloweenie Walk

Mitch here!

Yes. It’s mid-February and Halloween was obviously back in October. But Noodle’s had it ruff this year and she’s been hounding me to have some pun with this blog. Noodle is a big wiener in my book, so I took time to paws, reflect and get her off my tail, fur goodness sake.

Here’s the deal: I forgot to publish this post in a timely manner. But on Halloween, we dressed pawsh and headed to Wicker Bark for the annual Halloweenie Walk Parade. It’s a loooong story but we put this walking pun on a bun in the only way we knew how: Chicago-style!

I thought she looked fetching.

Abercrombie Sweaters

Abercrombie Sweaters

Abercrombie Cozy Sweater (I also have and love this long duster cardigan!) / J.Crew Chateau PufferSorel Joan of Arctic Boots, available at Backcountry, Sorel and Zappos / Madewell Roadtripper Jeans

It’s an OUTFIT POST. 😮

Crazy. Now that Emma’s back in school—which has been going great, btw!—shooting outfits has become doable. Of course, Chicago is a total mess right now, so you’ll primarily be seeing me in my trusty snow boots. But nice to get out there again, haha!

Recent Finds, 2/19

Recent Finds 2/19 polo dress

Polo Dress

Can we talk about something for a minute? We’re nearing the end of February. If you live in a colder climate, let’s rejoice in that little fact! Sure, March in Chicago is still ridiculously cold. But February is psychologically the most difficult month, if you ask me.

When I was little, my mom gave me this cute little book of stickers. They went by the month, and I’ll always remember that March looked green. And there were bunnies, just hopping around and enjoying the extra bit of warmth. Again, there is no warmth or greenery here in Chicago in March. 😆 But we can start thinking about it, at least.

This is just my long-winded way of saying sorry for including bathing suits in this post. I’m just starting to see them pop up on retailers’ sites, and this has me excited about the months ahead!

20+ Things, 2/16

20+ Things 2/16

Console Cabinet Table / Target Lamp / Anthropologie Mirror (Also love this one, which we have in our dining room!) / Rouzati Rugs Runner / Framebridge Frames / Similar Chandelier Here and Here (Ours was installed by the previous owners so not sure where it’s from!) / Sofia the First Dress

Definitely having a two-coffee morning over here. ☕ I’m feeling chatty. Here are the first things that come to mind right now: