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What is sous vide?

How to Sous Vide

A perfectly cooked chicken breast. BUT HOW?

Mitch here!

Raw chicken is absolutely disgusting. The bone-in, skin-on cuts are a complete horror show, but frankly, any raw chicken is gross. A plain old raw chicken breast sitting there all slimy, pale pink and… hold up… gulp… I need to change the subject.

If I was in charge, I’d live life as if raw chicken didn’t even exist,

10 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving for the First Time

10 Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving for the First Time

I can’t believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Did you know that because it’s celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year, the earliest date it can land on is November 22nd and the latest is the 28th? Since tomorrow is the 22nd, it’s no wonder we all feel a bit blindsided by Thanksgiving this year! It is early. (Next year, btw, we’ll celebrate on the 28th.)

Lincoln Park

A Preppy Girl’s Guide to Lincoln Park, Chicago

I’ve been putting off creating city guides for New York and Chicago since… I started this blog five years ago. 😂 They’re frequently requested, but I just never sit down to create ’em. I suppose it’s because it seems like such a daunting task. How could I possibly put together a comprehensive guide to navigating what are arguably the two best cities in the country (😉) and not miss anything?!

what we're doing for Thanksgiving

Cookin’ with Mitch: Plaid Blueberry Pie

Chef Mitch here!

Kelly’s diet never really developed beyond the first grade. Just like she was when she was six, she’s still into bologna sandwiches, mac ‘n cheese, crackers and grape juice. (In her case, fermented.) I’ve even caught her making lunch trades with Emma!