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Our Place Always Pan review

Our Place Always Pan

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GUYS! A while ago, the company Our Place sent us its Always Pan, and I was pretty excited. So many friends have raved about it this past year, and with so much stay-at-home time, I’ve been doing everything I can to pare down our belongings and simplify. The Always Pan,

The Easiest Breakfast Around

The Easiest Breakfast Around

Note: We took yesterday off because CPS students were off from remote school and we needed all hands on deck. This is a pre-scheduled post!

Mitch here!

Conquering the family breakfast mad rush is one of my greatest Dad Achievements, and today I’d like to share the ultimate tip to get the family fed and off to their respective remote working workdays in peace.

Burnt Frozen Vegetables (

Burnt Frozen Vegetables (Yes, Burnt)

Mitch here!

While we do almost always have fresh produce in our fridge, I want to take a risk here with you guys and say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with frozen vegetables. As a matter of fact, frozen veggies have a number of advantages over fresh ones. They’re not necessarily better, but they often offer more variety, fewer preservatives,

Easy Homemade Neapolitan Pizza

Chef Mitch Here!

The great pizza debate rages on and I’m desperate to know where you fall. Click the “Continue Reading” button below for a Pizza Pie Poll to solve the pizza puzzle once and for all. And, yes, there will be a pie chart.

How to Make Beer Cheese

Mitch here!

This global health catastrophe really takes the fun out of binge-eating junk food, which is tough because binge-eating junk food is my favorite thing. But today I’m bringing you Kelly’s best family recipe–Beer Cheese–and if those two words don’t do it for you, then I don’t know what will.

What's Been Helping You

What’s Been Helping You?

We’re all wearing Coast Rain Jackets: Here’s mine in the short cut and mid-length cut, and here is newer version of the girls’ coat. This one is on sale at Nordstrom, too, and part of the spring sale. I’m also wearing my vívomove Luxe hybrid smartwatch from Garmin, a company that’s providing critical flight information to pilots flying twin-turboprop small planes transporting essential supplies during the pandemic.

Crispy Oven French Fries

Chef Mitch here!

I’m a little ashamed to admit how quickly a desperate french fry craving set in after we started quarantining. I miss a lot about my pre-quarantine life–family, friends, freedom–but it’s the lack of French fries that hit first.

So I decided to do something about it.

COVID-19: Supply Prep

Mitch here!

Now more than ever, it’s important to practice social distancing and self quarantine if possible so that we prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect the elderly, those who have preexisting conditions and/or compromised immune systems, and the medical professionals who are on the frontlines. Let’s work together so that our healthcare system doesn’t collapse.

Anyway, it goes without saying that in no way am I trying to incite panic with this post or encourage hoarding if your community’s stores are visibly struggling to keep shelves stocked.

The Frozen Pizza Diaries

Mitch here!

As a blogger husband on the internet in 2020, I know I’m supposed to fill your feed with trendy diet fads designed to make you feel guilty and me feel special. But it’s Opposite Day on the internet, and instead, I’m writing from my (ever-expanding) gut to share details on my favorite food. I’m talkin’ frozen pizza, and while it ticks every single one of the millennial food shaming checkboxes,

Cookin’ with Mitch: Italian Sausage, Zucchini and Tortellini Soup

Chef Mitch here!

I love a recipe that has all the ingredients right in the title. This soup hasn’t yet had its Cobb Salad, Italian Wedding or Reuben sandwich moment but it’s on it’s way. In our house we just call it “Gammie’s Soup” and it is the absolute perfect meal for a chilly winter day…and as a family in the middle of a Chicago winter you’d better bet we’re souping this soup on the reg.

Shop Amazon Prime Day 2019 Before it Ends

Shop Prime Day Before it Ends!

Mitch here!

Does anyone know why the world’s major retailers convene for these massive sales in the middle of July? Of course, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to the public in a few short days, which the ladies in my life seem to be very excited about. But we’re here to talk AMAZON PRIME DAY 2! I went through the whole sale so you don’t have to.

broccoli cheese soup

Cookin’ with Mitch: Broccoli Cheese Soup

Mitch is back!

Do I look tired? Lately, I’ve been much less Cookin’ with Mitch and more Admittin’ Defeat with Mitch. Kelly’s wild pregnancy cravings change mid-cook, and much of what I make ends up in the garbage… though frankly, it probably belongs there. ;) Don’t let this fancy, once-in-a-while cooking column fool you; I’m not great in the kitchen. One just can’t write a blog post called Microwavin’