Wedding Photos: The Ceremony

In lieu of a fashion post, today I’m sharing photos from our wedding ceremony which took place a little more than a month ago. (Courtesy of Hello Gorgeous Photography.) I’m doing this mainly because I’m currently wearing cutoff shorts, a ratty t-shirt and a bandana. ;) (#movingprobs) But I also really love reliving this day!

If all goes well today (and we do, in fact, finish packing), Mitch and I are headed about an hour south of the city tonight for a fun dinner party with some of my very best friends from high school. The following morning, we’re driving to upstate New York for Darby and Jason’s wedding (Eeeeeee! I love you, Darbs!), and on Sunday, we’re headed to Fairfield County, Connecticut to hang out with my best friends from college and their wonderful husbands. It’s going to be a very fun few days. :)

Hope everyone has an amazing Labor Day weekend! <3 kellyinthe

  • i love the pictures of mitch’s face when he sees you. you looked beautiful!!

    • Michelle,

      Awww… Thank you so, so much! I am still on cloud 9! :)



  • Nikki

    Beautiful pictures!! You look gorgeous, and your husband looks so sweet when he sees you! Have a wonderful long weekend!


    • Thank you so much, Nikki! I got a good one. ;) xoxo!! Have a great Labor Day weekend!



  • Carla

    The one after you walked down the aisle and are kissing his cheek. Love!

    • Awww thank you, Carla!! How obsessed are you with looking at your wedding photos?! I loveeee reliving the day!!!!! :) Yours are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! xoxo!!!

  • Tia Noelle

    These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!! They really capture the magic of such a special event!
    xo Tia

    • Tia,

      Thank you so much! It means the world! :)

  • Alex La Torre

    Such great pictures!! His reactions to seeing you are entirely too perfect. Congratulations to both of you!! :)

    • Thank you, Alex! Best day of our lives. I clearly fell apart when I saw him hehe ;) Thank you!!! xoxo

  • Oh my goodness Kelly! These photos are amazing! I love the lil bow ties the groom and bestmen are wearing. looks like such an amazing day! Looking at these photos have made me really excited for my big day….but still a lil while to go yet :P

    • Jess,

      Thank you!! We had the ties made from a J.Crew dress because we couldn’t match the material to anything. I’m so happy with how they turned out!

      When is your wedding? I am so excited for you! You will love every moment of it! :) CONGRATS! :)

  • Tara L. Smith

    Wow, what a beautiful wedding ceremony! Your dress looked gorgeous!