Tales of a Stuyvesant Town, East Village Resident (and comfy clothing for freezing NYC days!)

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Pants: Vanilla Star Jeans (c/o) / Shirt: J.Crew Factory (Old), similar here (30 percent off with code “30LOVE”), here (steal!) and here (25 percent off with code “HEYSPRING”) / Pumps: C.Wonder (30 percent off with code “30LOVE”) / Bag: Tory Burch / Bangle: C.Wonder (50 percent off all jewelry with code “30LOVE”) / WatchMichael Kors, but currently loving this MK watch in hot pinkthis one in turquoise, and this one in tortoise shell / EarringsJ.Crew / LipstickClinique (In “Pudgy Peony”)

I’m boycotting everything and anything dressy until things warm up in New York City. TODAY’S WIND?! Goodness gracious. I know it doesn’t look like it’s that windy in these photos, but I swear I found the only two New York buildings between which were no gusts. (#awful) I’m inside now (obviously), and the wind is howling. Needless to say, I can’t wait for next week. Fifty-degree weather sounds like a dream!

Anyway, we snapped these shots in Stuyvesant Town, where Mitch and I lived together for a few years. “Stuy Town” is this giant residential development in the East Village (made up of nearly 9,000 apartments) that was built after World War II for vets. Whenever I’m back there (which is regularly, because Mitch’s best friend still lives there), I’m flooded with happy memories.

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I should preface this story with the fact that the housing situation in New York is crazy. Think about how much your rent is, quadruple it, and then cut 70 percent of your apartment’s square footage–and there you have it! Your super expensive shoebox that you now call home. I’m exaggerating (kind of), but you get the point. It’s frustrating.

When Mitch and I decided to move in together, we knew that we couldn’t handle living in a place the size of this. (Though I do enjoy its design!) I’d done it; he’d done it… and we were over it. Mitch, however, was living in Stuyvesant Town in a really big place. (For Manhattan standards. For the rest of America, it was just a regular apartment, haha.) These days, Stuy Town apartments are back to being pretty expensive… but a few years ago, it was possible to get a good deal there. Especially if you put up a fake wall to create an extra bedroom. (Which Mitch and his friends did. They snuck in the materials into the apartment in the middle of the night, since it was technically an illegal fake wall.)

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5494879124_f203a8b88c_bSo I moved in with Mitch… and his two buddies from college. Three guys, a girl, and a fake wall. (Our old bedroom is pictured to the right. And we considered that to be big!) Not sure if you’ve ever lived with guys before, but it’s intense! Lots of parties and not very much cleaning. But at the same time, so much fun. (Don’t worry. I stayed sane. I escaped to a Erica’s for a girls’ night whenever I needed it.) Anyway, when Mitch and I got engaged, we moved a couple of buildings over to an illegal sublet. It looked just like this one, except way more navy blue and pink. We lived there for a year until we were discovered and got the boot.

I’m absolutely loving my current life stage. I love that things are a bit calmer, and Mitch and I are (slightly) more settled and established. But I do miss my Stuy Town days, when I was a complete mess and totally taking advantage of spending my 20s in this crazy city. It’s funny–during that time, I know I questioned everything, and focused way too much on the future. But now that I’m actually in the future, I can’t help but think about how freaking amazing the past was. Isn’t that how it always works, though? ;)

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  • Hunter

    What a great story and great memories! I think everyone can relate to the apartment situation haha! I love your outfit by the way :)

    Prep on a Budget

    • Haha thanks, Hunter! Yes–ugh. I’m so ready for a permanent place of residence. Maybe next year will be the year. ;) xx!

  • You are one brave lady for living with three guys in a tiny space, but I’m glad it worked out so well!

    And yesterdays wind was so ridiculous. I couldn’t bear the though of going out to take photos. I’m ready for March to go out like the lamb it’s supposed to.

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    • Lydia, I am always SO IMPRESSED with how often you take photos. You are such a trooper. I need to be less of a whiny little girl, haha. Bravo, girl!

  • Elena Michelle

    ohhhhh Stuy Town. I had a friend that used to live over there too. Your memories from those days are a hoot.

    Loving the casual look today. Chambray with black pants and a brown bag is one of my go to looks. Love how you added the pop of color on your feet! i’ll have to incorporate that next time!

    xoxo, Elena Michelle

    • I feel like so many people don’t even know it exists!! But it’s this HUGE development… Haha. Loved my time there, but perhaps it’s a good thing that I’ve moved on. ;)

      Thanks for stopping by, Elena! Love your blog!!

  • I couldnt imagine trying to find a decent apartment in NYC at a good price. So funny to hear you’ve experienced the good and the bad! From what few pictures I’ve seen of your current place from previous Instagram posts, I would say you found a keeper!



    • Alex — YES. It’s impossible. So frustrating!! Like the new place, but it’s also tiny. Hoping to find a more permanent place for next year! :) Thanks so much for your kind words :)

  • Abby

    I love those shoes – such a fun pop of color!


  • Loving your denim shirt (I appreciate a popped up collar!) and your Tory Burch tote. Such a great color and shape…classic and timeless! I know what you mean about the wind the other day….so cold and unpleasant!! So excited for fifty degree temps this weekend!!


    • Thanks so much, Kate! I’m all about the popped collar, as much as my husband thinks I’m being ironic when I do it, hehe. Hope you had a great (warmer) weekend!! xx

  • NG

    love evrything about this look…

    the pink sandals.. are gorgeous :)



  • Catie

    Thanks for directing me to this post about Stuy town – it makes me miss it so much! That’s too funny that you lived with 3 guys there… I can only imagine how that was ;) Up until the time my grandma passed away (about 2 years ago) she had a 3 bedroom apartment in Stuy town that we would visit all the time. She had lived there for over 40 years and it was rent controlled so she was paying something like crazy like $900 per month! It was pretty amazing.