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Kelly and Emma are both wearing Vineyard Vines / Kelly’s Hat / Kelly’s Sandals / Toddler Vineyard Vines

Mitch here!

I consider myself a lucky man. I have a beautiful wife, a healthy daughter, an adorably tiny house and … a dog. Not only do I live in my favorite city, but I also get to live in my dream neighborhood within said city. Life is good! If I’m not careful, I could spend the rest of my days poking around Chicago, eating at my favorite restaurants, playing with Emma at the park, and sleeping in my own bed. It certainly would be easier than dealing with the baby on a plane situation!

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Three Awesome LBW Sales

Original post here. New version of the coat here.

Ahhhh! Is there anything better than Labor Day Weekend? Yes, it’s a little sad, as I’m never ready to bid au revoir to the summer. But it’s also pretty wonderful. For us, it’s almost always spent at the Larkins’ lake house, and it celebrates the change of seasons–something Mitch and I adore, despite being such warm weather people. While September and October are going to be jam-packed with travel, we’re excited about playing James Taylor with the windows open, crisp fall air wafting through; driving to the North Shore for bagels and pumpkin coffee, like we do every fall; and cozying up in sweaters and taking long walks around our neighborhood, admiring everyone’s “front stoop decor.” Without a doubt, fall in Chicago is our favorite time of year. :)

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Babies at the Lincoln Park Zoo

Last month, my best friend from New York, Darby, came to visit with her husband, Jason, and their son, Ethan.

Mitch and I have been through a lot with Darbs and Jason. :) We all started teaching at the same school in the Bronx around the same time, and we started dating within a few months of each other, too. “I love yous” were said, proposals occurred, and wedding bells chimed back to back. And then, to make matters even funnier, Darby and I (years later) told each other we were pregnant and learned that our due dates were a week apart. (Ethan came arrived early and Emma was late, so they’re almost a month apart. But still!)

12 Fall Blazers (& a cry for help.)

Regent Blazer (Also here, and here’s a similar one in camel.) / AG Jeans (Full jeans review here) / Ralph Lauren Button Down / Madewell Tote / Coach Loafers (Old, newer style here)

Okay, guys. We’re getting really creative over here for the next couple of weeks. Our family is jet-setting once again, so I’m enlisting you to come up with quick and easy topics to keep this site afloat until we get back from Portland, Oregon. I put this request on Instagram the other day, and I was amazed at how wonderfully thoughtful followers were with their responses! (Thank you, thank you.) But I thought I’d ask my main squeezes (i.e. you) for your suggestions, too.

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What a Jersey Boardwalk is Like

Mitch here!

In case you didn’t notice–and I’m not sure that’s even possible with the deluge of Ocean City photography all over this site–the Larkin family spent the last two weeks of summer down the Jersey Shore, enjoying what can best be described as our collective “happy place.” We love it there.

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10 Great Pairs of Skinny Jeans

I’m a jeans girl. I think it all started when my ex-boyfriend and I broke up a long, long time ago. As lots of newly single girls do, I chopped my hair off first. And then I bought a new bag (this one in navy) and my first pair of nice jeans… for a fresh start. Because yes, ladies. All you need to survive a nasty breakup is a different haircut, a new bag and great pair of jeans. It’s just that easy. ;)

And then I met Mitch! Coincidence?! I think not.

Except Mitch does say that all my jeans look exactly the same. So…

Shop (Last Day!) + Donate

Lilly Pulitzer Dress // Shop other classic navy dresses–most of which are included in the After Party Sale–below!

Well, I think it’s safe to say that this has been the best Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale of all time. I mean, right?! The inventory was fabulous and the site held up incredibly well. So many new products were added to the sale yesterday, too!

I’d love to pause for a moment, however, to remember that there is something far more important occurring in our country right now. Today, consider helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Much like it only takes a couple of minutes to buy a Lilly dress, it only takes a couple of minutes to donate. NPR complied a great list of worthwhile organizations to support, and helping has never been easier. Sending so much love to Houston, and to Alison, one of my best friends from Fairfield University and a current Houston resident. (Who’s safe and sound!)