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Barbour on Major Sale

My favorite Barbour jacket of all time is on MAJOR sale!

This is a big weekend, guys. The Nordstrom Winter Sale is on, in case you missed my last “omgomgomg” post, haha. (No, but seriously. This cashmere sweater and this one, too: my faves, and under $50 each! I have one in black, navy and white.) But I failed to mention the fact that my favorite Barbour jacket of all time is also on major sale. I reviewed it in this blog post here (right after I had Emma!), and I really can’t tell you how much wear I get out of it. I’ve had it for years! My mom and sister-in-law have it, too. ;) You should see us together in the fall; we’re quite the sight.

I spoke about this here, but the quilted Barbour Beadnell is SO warm. I’ll admit that it can’t get me through a Chicago winter, but I totally wear it on 30- and 40-degree days without a problem. (It’s so warm that I didn’t even need it today!) I also love that it looks so similar to the classic Barbour Beadnell (also here).

Anyway, there’s a ton of other Barbour products on sale right now at Nordstrom. Shop my faves below!

Barbour on Sale

New Barbour Products I’m Loving

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Nordstrom Winter Sale: Sweaters

Nordstrom Winter Sale

Favorite Cashmere Sweater (Under $50 — Grab it while it’s in stock! Here’s the crewneck version, too. Side note: You’ll see this sweater, also on sale, on the blog soon. It’s AMAZING!) / Leopard Clutch (But how great is this classic black clutch on sale?!) / Favorite Dark Skinny Jeans (But I’m a HUGE fan of Joe’s, and this similar pair and this similar pair are on sale, too.) / Topshop Loafers (SO COMFY! Honestly, comfiest loafers I own besides these. No break-in time. This very similar pair is on sale, too. And I LOVE these.) / Burberry Scarf (Side note: This navy Burberry coat is on sale. SWOON!) / Kendra Scott Jewelry (How great is this necklace on sale?!)

QUICK! The Nordstrom Winter Sale just started, and my favorite cashmere sweater (so soft!) is on sale for under $50. This is an INSANE deal on a staple I wear again and again and again–and it shouldn’t be passed up. :) It’s perfect for these remaining few weeks of winter (or months, if you live in Chicago), yet it’s also ideal for spring, when it isn’t too hot yet. Here’s the crewneck version!

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Nordstrom Winter Sale: Shoes

A Different Spin on Date Night

Wearing in this post: Gingham Shirt (Also love this one, this one and this one.) / Favorite Dark Skinny Jeans / Pearl Necklace (More affordable here.) / Ruffle Sleeve Top (Runs big!) / Kendra Scott Necklace and Bracelet c/o / Similar Cozy Cardigans here, here and here / Booties (But these are my fave and they’re on sale!)

I could never put into words just how much I love being a parent. But truth be told, Mitch and I don’t get a lot of one-on-one time together these days. We do our best: we stay up super late, even during the weekdays, just so we can talk; we wake up early to have coffee together. We spend a solid hour catching up when Mitch gets home from work, and we capitalize on nap time during the weekends. Still, it’s a challenge. We’ve learned, though, that carving out bigger chunks of time for just the two of us is more important than ever.

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Burberry Favorites

Seven Secrets to Being a Productive New Mom

Photo by Cassandra Eldridge

Yesterday’s posts went up a bit late, so in case you missed them:

How Mitch and I Met // Happy Valentine’s Day

If you read this post, you know that my struggle with productivity has been pretty significant since having a baby. And while it’s only been about a month, I can’t believe how much things have changed–and how much happier I am–since I published that piece! Sometimes it just takes a mini meltdown to get yourself to make some much-needed changes, no? ;)

Today, I’m teaming up with my good friend Emily of Isn’t That Charming to talk about some of our secrets to being productive with a baby in tow. (Here’s her post.) I know I’ve spoken about this a few times on the blog, but Emily and her husband, Doug, were actually our very first friends in Chicago. (We met at this event!) Then, a couple of years later, they became our parenting gurus. (Seriously: most of our “techniques” have come from Emily and Doug, and we’re really not sure what we would have done without their honesty and advice. They’re also some of the most wonderful, hardworking, fun-loving, caring and genuine people you’ll ever meet.) And even though we don’t get to see each other as often as we like–turns out life with kids is a bit busier than we thought it would be!–it’s like no time has passed when we do manage to get together. So much laughter and so many great conversations.

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How Mitch and I Met

Our first photo together, taken with the first iPhone. ;) What a throwback!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you’ve ever surfed around the Kelly in the City menu, you may have noticed that a lot of the wedding links are broken. That’s because I didn’t update the WordPress theme or plugins I’d installed on for three years, and the site ate itself whole, haha. This was a little heartbreaking, as I LOVED our wedding website. (Here’s a post I did on it a few years ago, and here’s what you saw when you logged on. It scrolled from the bottom up. Mitch and I drew the whole thing, and all the little illustrations were clickable! Literally took us four months to launch!)

Anyway, I love you guys. Your messages are actually how I discovered the links were broken in the first place. Up until now, though, I hadn’t done anything about it, mostly because rebuilding the site was incredibly daunting but also because I was excited to take a break from planning once the wedding was over. ;) While I loved every minute of it, it sure was all-consuming!

But I’m finally doing something about it, because A) I don’t want our stories to be lost, and B) This blog is the perfect way to memorialize that amazingly special time in our lives. I’m not going to rebuild the site, because, very honestly, I have no idea how to code something like that. (Mitch’s best friend is a developer, and he helped with a LOT of it.) In honor of Valentine’s Day, though, I am going to recreate some of the content that appeared on it. :)

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Nordstrom Winter Sale: Tops

Happy Valentine’s Day

Oops. Totally forgot to hit publish last night when I put this post together, but I actually have two blog posts going up today! This morning, I’m sharing an impromptu Valentine’s Day photo shoot I did with Emma yesterday, and then this afternoon, I’ll be sharing the story of how Mitch and I met.

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Nordstrom Winter Sale: Accessories

Family Weekend

J.Crew Coat (Sells out quickly, but if you’re looking for a new coat to get you through the rest of winter, what a steal!) / Lysse Leggings (The suede ones sell out quickly, but Tuckernuck’s version is on sale! Also considering trying this leather pair.) / Stuart Weitzman Boots (In navy here.) / Julie Brown Clutch c/o (Julie Brown is also available via Nordstrom Rack, Amazon and Last Call.) / Resin Necklace c/o (Similar here) / Diane von Furstenberg Sweater c/o (Sold out, but I love this similar navy turtleneck as well as this sweater and this sweater. And have you seen Tuckernuck’s turtlenecks? Swoon.)

Don’t forget to shop the Tuckernuck Flash Sale!

Use code “NEWSFLASH” to take 25 percent off the sale selection. Shop my list of faves here!

I mentioned this last week, but my family came to visit this past weekend! My parents, Grammie and cousin flew in on Friday, and on Sunday, Mitch’s family joined us for Emma’s baptism. I’ll share photos from that soon, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share a few point-and-shoot pics (this camera!) from Saturday.

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