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Baby on a Plane

Mitch here!

If I were writing a Mitch Larkin personal ad, I’d describe myself as–in addition to an affinity for Trader Joe’s bourbon, dirty Cubs hats and fashion blogging–a travel lover. Is that not the perfect way to brag about oneself? (I’m adventurous! Not only am I going places, but I also go to places!) But the reality here is that going on trips can be hard; very fun, but way harder than the pretty photos often depict.

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Preppy Umbrellas

Navy Stripe // Tattersall // Navy and White Stripes // Gingham // Tartan // Flamingo // British Plaid // Solid Navy // Whales // Patchwork

Hello from my bed. :( I’m supposed to be flying to Dallas right now for a blogging conference (which I wrote about here last year), but I unfortunately came down with some sort of horrific illness that’s rendered me completely useless. I did, however, manage to keep Emma alive and happy yesterday, so that’s something!

I’ll admit that I’m feeling pretty bummed today. I was really looking forward to a fun few days with some of my favorite girls, and I was eager for another dose of inspiration. (I came back last year feeling SO motivated!) But for the first time in a long time, I decided not to push myself to my limit, and instead, actually take care of my body and mind. I think I made the right decision for once.

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The Most Flattering Maxi Dress

Vineyard Vines Maxi Dress c/o (Also available at Nordstrom — Also love this one from VV!) and Seersucker Hat c/o / Sam Edelman Sandals (SO comfy! Walked a ton in ’em in California and no pain.)

Well, it finally happened. I survived eight whole months of motherhood without so much as getting a cold, and now I’m going to die, haha. How exactly does one care for a baby while terribly sick?! We sat in the sun yesterday and that was somewhat helpful… but oy. Mitch, come home!

Today, I’m in jeans and a sweatshirt surrounded by tissues and orange juice and cough drops. (Cross your fingers that I get better soon. I’m supposed to be flying to Dallas on Thursday!) So let’s throw it back to California, when I was looking a lot more put together and feeling significantly more like a human. ;) Because HELLO, Most Flattering Maxi Dress Ever!

Personal Essay: On Friendship Lost

Yellow Barbour (It’s BACK! Like, the same exact one. This one is cheaper and so is this one. And here’s the striped version from yesterday’s post!) / Classic Beadnell (Also LOVE the polarquilt one, also back in stock, as it’s a little more flattering and super warm.)

Here’s the thing: I see myself as an organized person, but in reality, organization does not come naturally to me. I need to work at it. In the past, it was never that big of a deal. This year, though, staying organized has made a world of a difference in terms of time and happiness, and I’ve seen how much it can affect my little family.

While we were in California (more on our trip soon!), Mitch and I were talking about how much of a positive impact the One-Month Challenge made, and we started brainstorming ways to take things a step further and make blogging even easier and more enjoyable for me. (Great hubby.)

Our #1 fix? Embracing the series. I absolutely love running this site, but I’ll admit that more often than not, I end up sitting at my computer late-night wondering how in the world I’m going to throw something together for the following morning. (Truth, but sheesh.) Recently, though, blogging has become SO much easier because I have a few regular posts that go up on a weekly basis. I look forward to those three days because they’re more structured. They’ve made blogging less panicky, they’ve taken a lot of the guesswork out of the picture, and they’ve made me remember why I started this site.

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Emma’s First Time Seeing the Ocean

Barbour Striped Jacket c/o Tuckernuck (Also love the yellow, red and blue versions. Also, my favorite Barbour of all time has been restocked! I talk about why it’s so awesome here.) / Favorite Skinny Jeans (Crazy soft and don’t stretch out. Also available at Shopbop.) / Gray Swing Top (Also here and here) / Dooney & Bourke Crossbody c/o / Monica Vinader Bracelet c/o / Jack Rogers Sandals (And have you seen these?! #omg) / Initial Necklace / Emma’s wearing: Lilly Pulitzer Shift and Gap Hat

I always assumed that Emma’s first time seeing the ocean would occur in Ocean City, New Jersey–where I essentially grew up, where Mitch proposed, and where we got married. But weirdly enough, her first experience happened in Santa Monica. ;)

Recent Finds, Vol. 13

Tuckernuck Pajamas — If you look closely, you can see that the PJs feature a bunny print. This is for you, Mom!

Happy Easter, Friends! I hope you’re sharing today with family and/or friends, or placing a few FaceTime calls. ;) The Larkins are traveling from Los Angeles to spend the day on the Larkin Farm, and we’re pretty excited! (But don’t expect us to be wearing Easter dresses. Especially not Mitch. Though there was that one Halloween party…)

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Life Lately, 4/15

We’ve been in Redondo Beach for the last few days. We loved lunch at Kincaid’s!

It’s our last day in California, but I thought I’d pop in quickly to share a few snaps. Next week’s Life Lately is going to be ridiculously long, haha, but here’s a sneak peek of our vacation! :)

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