Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween, guys! We’re taking Emma trick-or-treating tonight (which just means strolling her around in her costume), but we hosted our now-annual Halloween party this past Saturday night and I’m so excited to share pics. :)

A little something you should know about the Larkin fam: we do not have our acts together. Like, we try. We really do. But our lives are characterized by craziness. Whether we’re running late or buried in a month’s worth of laundry, we’re just a mess, haha. Here’s the thing, though: God invented Amazon, and now there are costumes for people who forget to buy ’em until two days before their own Halloween party. (Bravo, Larkins. Bravo.)

Seriously, though: How great is Amazon? It has saved me on countless occasions when I’ve had last-minute needs. And this time, we had a LOT of needs: we needed Chicago “Cubby Bear” costumes and a new vacuum, as ours bit it right before the party. To buy everything, we used our Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Expressand earned one percent cash back on everything. And now, lucky New Card Members can get 10 percent back–up to $200–on Amazon purchases within the first six months of membership. New card members also earn $100 cash back in the form of statement credit after spending $1,000 on the card within the first three months of membership. So, clearly, using our Blue Cash Everyday Card was a no-brainer! (If you’re interested in reaping the rewards, too, simply sign up for Blue Cash Everyday between now and January 11, 2017. No gimmicks!)

Anyway, we bought this vacuum, and it’s the best EVER. Really: if you’re in the market for a new vacuum, make this the one. My parents swear by Orecks, but I always assumed they’d be out of my price range. This $299 one, however, is currently on sale for $137.81. And it’s the best. I truly can’t get over how well it works. It glides over carpeting so easily yet gets everything up, and it’s great on hardwood. It literally took me under 10 minutes to vacuum the whole house!

We also bought this bear cub costume for Emma. (So appropriate with the Cubs playing in the World Series that night!) We bought bear ears (options here and here) and Cubs t-shirts and jerseys for ourselves, too.

SAVED. :) Some of the stuff literally arrived hours after I ordered it. Thank heavens for same-day shipping!

As temperatures were in the 70s on Saturday, Emma couldn’t wear her bear cub costume for the actual party. (She overheats way too easily.) She did, however, wear her “Fly the W” tee, which was a huge hit with our cubby outfits. And like I mentioned before, she’s going trick-or-treating tonight, and she’ll definitely be in her costume for that, since it’ll be a good 20 degrees cooler! Be sure to follow along on Instagram today. I’ll definitely be posting pics of the cuteness. ;)

Thank you, American Express and Amazon, for making our party an epic one!

Also: if you’re wondering what in the world Jess was dressed as, she’s just wearing her veiled sombrero from her engagement party, where tacos were served. What can I say? My friends are just as last minute as I am, hehe. ;) Love you, Jessica!

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