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Snow Day with Boo

Timex Watch c/o (Smaller version here) / Patagonia Better Sweater Quarter-Zip c/o (Full-zip and vest versions.) / Canada Goose Puffer (Also available via Tuckernuck. Love this one, too.) / Hunter Boots (Also available here, and in the gloss version here) and Socks (Has anyone tried these or these yet? If so, please share whether they’re as magical as I assume they are!) / Hudson Jeans (Also love this pair and this pair. <– dream jeans!) / L.L.Bean Plaid Shirt (Relaxed version here. Mine’s actually an old one from J.Crew, but the L.L.Bean one is a near-perfect match!) / Emma’s Bear Hat / Similar Bear Suit (Are we sensing an obsession?)

Okay, I totally planned on setting aside a half hour to write a good post for today, but truth: Mitch and I stayed up really late watching This is Us. Have you seen it? We. Are. Obsessed. With the exception of Gilmore Girls, I’ve never been too into television. Mitch always had his shows, and I’d sometimes sit and watch them with him. Now, though, we have a show that we both love, and it’s really fun!

Two things I can’t get past, though:

Mitch & Family Visit Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium

Mitch here!

If you read this post, you know that I’m trying my hand at blogging to help out. This is both fun and hilarious for me, as A) I’ve always enjoyed writing, and B) I really never thought I’d be writing for a site that focuses on women’s fashion. But, you know. You take what life throws you!

(Anyone interested in hearing me explain the difference between a dress and a skirt?)

But let’s get back to it before I lose my job.

I have a few confessions to make:

Why I Took a Break (and What I’m Doing to Fix Things)

I’m sitting at a nearby coffee shop, simply staring at my laptop screen. (Have you ever done that before? Tried to sit down to work, but just ended up staring at your computer like it’s a Magic Eye puzzle? *Pats self on the back for the stellar 90s reference.*) And then, suddenly, the tears start. Nothing too crazy; just a couple of ’em. But they’re there, and I realize that I’ve been doing things… all wrong.

CornerStone Cafe

This is a pre-scheduled post. I’m on vacation!

Hunter Boots (Also available here, and in the gloss version here) and Socks (Has anyone tried these or these yet? If so, please share whether they’re as magical as I assume they are!) / Ralph Lauren Sweater c/o — Found at Marshalls! $145 marked down to $22. True story. / Barbour Rain Coat c/o (Similar here, here and here) / Hudson Jeans (Also love this pair and this pair. <– dream jeans!) / Newer Version of Emma’s Rain Coat (Also love this one and this one!) / UppaBaby Stroller and Car Seat c/o

Mitch and I recently took Emma to CornerStone Cafe’s new location on Clybourn and Webster in Lincoln Park for brunch. The weather was CRAZY: warm enough to only wear our rain coats, yet super windy. So windy that at one point, Emma’s bottle flew out of her mouth and rolled into the street. And then a car ran it over.

New York Public Library

Sanctuary Sweater (Back in stock! Wore this all break, as it goes with anything and you can wash it. It’s also available here, though it’s weirdly not on sale. I also love this one and this one.) / Lysse Suede Leggings (I adore Lysse leggings. See other faves below.) / Black Booties (Best booties ever and they’re still on sale. The shearling-lined pair is on sale, too!) / Burberry Scarf (And the Snood is back in stock! It’s marketed for girls, but it totally works for women and it’s a fraction of the cost. I wore it hereThe rain boots are back, too! I wore them here, here and here.) / Goyard Tote

I have about 10 minutes to write, so let’s dive into another bullet point post, shall we?

LIVE FEED: Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale starts today at 8 a.m. ET! Are you ready?!

Lilly Pulitzer Cashmere Sweater and Murfee Scarf (Old, but have you seen the new scarves?! There’s a Chicago one! And there’s a Philly one. KIM! I guess it’s time for you to turn preppy…) / Rag & Bone Jeans / Stuart Weitzman Boots (Also available here in navy) / Emma’s Baby Shift

9:45 p.m. ET:

Even more styles have been added to the sale! My favorites are this dress in the ever-popular “Ugotta Regatta” print, this popover, this maxi dress (WOW!) and this shift. See?! Told you everyone would get a chance to shop! Even those coming home from work super, super late. (My heart goes out to you. Buy a Lilly dress and go to bed. ;)

Even more styles added!

Year in Review

This was when I was so nervous about Baby Larkin that I wouldn’t highlight my hair. Yikes. ;) (Read my Guide to Buying Hunter Boots!)

Oy. Another late post. 2017 is off to a rocky start, haha.


One of the reasons I love blogging so much is that it almost serves as a little diary. When looking back on 2016, it’s easy for me to sum up my year in a sentence or two: “2016 was great! Emma was born!”

But when I scrolled through my posts (which, yes, took a while), I was amazed by just how much occurred. So I thought I’d take myself on a trip down Memory Lane today. WARNING: This post is crazy long, and if you somehow make it to the bottom, you deserve a gold star. ;)

But here’s my year in review!