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Year in Review

This was when I was so nervous about Baby Larkin that I wouldn’t highlight my hair. Yikes. ;) (Read my Guide to Buying Hunter Boots!)

Oy. Another late post. 2017 is off to a rocky start, haha.


One of the reasons I love blogging so much is that it almost serves as a little diary. When looking back on 2016, it’s easy for me to sum up my year in a sentence or two: “2016 was great! Emma was born!”

But when I scrolled through my posts (which, yes, took a while), I was amazed by just how much occurred. So I thought I’d take myself on a trip down Memory Lane today. WARNING: This post is crazy long, and if you somehow make it to the bottom, you deserve a gold star. ;)

But here’s my year in review!

Christmas in New York

J.Crew Coat (Also available here and here.) / Goyard Tote (Early xmas present from Mitch! Using it as a baby bag. Also available here and here.) / Burberry Scarf (But LOVE the more affordable snood, which is marketed for girls but totally works for women! It’s on Zappos, too.) / Sam Edelman Booties / Suede Leggings / Barbour Hat c/o Tuckernuck / Other Outfit: Ferragamo Pumps (Flat version here.) / Cooper & Ella Blouse c/o / Emma is wearing: Bow Coat / Bear Hat

Keeping today’s post short and sweet, as it’s Christmas Eve. ;) I took very few photos over the last few days, but a few highlights:

Shopping Small with Emma (And an Update!)


I’ll be the first to admit that when I shop for Emma, I generally shop online out of convenience. But once or twice every month, I make sure to get out into my neighborhood–the DePaul section of Lincoln Park, Chicago–and shop local. For the most part, the kids’ stuff is far cuter than what I find online, and as I keep mentioning, I think it’s so important to support our neighborhood businesses!

Recently, I discovered the magic of the Bumbo seat. I’ll be honest and say that Emma’s only happy in it for about 15 minutes, but it’s awesome for when I need to be hands-free for a little while… or for when I want to shoot an impromptu photo session with her, haha. (What? I can’t help myself. Look at those cheeks! Need to document the adorableness.) Earlier this week, I realized I didn’t have enough Christmas photos of Emma. (KIDDING. I have a ton. But I really wanted some of her under our tree.) So I dressed Little Miss Emma in the sweetest check-print monogrammed dress from a local store, sat her in the Bumbo, wrapped her up in a seasonal tartan blanket, and watched the magic unfold. Can you get over the sweetness of the above photo? So much wonderment. :)

A Day at the Beach


This post was sponsored by DayQuil, but all opinions are my own. As always, thank you so much for supporting the partnerships that keep Kelly in the City up and running!

Barbour Jacket c/o (Also available in the quilted–warmer and more affordable–version. Tuckernuck carries the waxed and quilted versions, too.) / Rag & Bone Jeans (I love the black pair as well.) / BB Dakota Sweater (Also love this one and this one!) / Sam Edelman Booties c/o (On sale! In suede here.) / Softest Bootie Socks / Mitch’s Patagonia (Women’s version here.) / Emma’s Top / Daniel Wellington Watch c/o

I’ll admit it: I’m not the best patient. When I was 13, I was in so much pain from a sunburn that I begged my parents to take me to the hospital. (Eye roll.) And when I was 21, I landed myself a thousand-dollar emergency room bill that took me a solid year to pay off because I marched myself over to New York Presbyterian thinking I had Swine Flu. (Diagnosis? A bad sinus infection.) And we all know how terrified of childbirth I was. (Turns out, not as bad as I’d imagined.)



This past Sunday, two groups of our friends (one from Fairfield University and one from New York City) got together at my parents’ house for a Friendsgiving celebration. Before we moved to Chicago, we had a Friendsgiving every year–sometimes in Connecticut and sometimes in New York. But once we moved to the Midwest, it was super challenging to get everyone together for it, and the tradition sadly fell to the wayside.

On Loving Emma


As someone who writes on a regular and somewhat professional basis, I experience major anxiety when writing about topics that are truly important to me. A post about fall vests? An awesome sale? Adopting a new look? Quick and easy writing. But writing a post on the love I have for my newborn daughter is a bit more challenging. That love is indescribable, after all, and that poses a problem. How, exactly, does one put it into words? And how does one do it as perfectly as possible, with eloquence, organization and meaning?