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Third Trimester Recap: Physical


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Over the last four months, I’ve learned that blogging with a baby is not impossible. But it is difficult. For me, at least. Before Emma, I thought that maintaining this site as a mom would be a cinch. What’s the big deal, right? Wake up a little earlier and blog. Blog during naps. Blog after bedtime. Multitask! (Baby on lap; laptop off to the side.) But as it turns out, it’s not quite as simple as that.

Why I’m Not Taking a Maternity Leave


I’m long overdue for a “Life, Lately” post, and I’m really excited about writing it! I have a LOT to tell you about the last month, and sharing through photos is my favorite way to tell stories. That said, it’s a little daunting, as so much has occurred. (My phone may have run out of space a few days ago, haha. #snaphappy) I also don’t have very much time, and long posts mean less sleep at this point. ;)

Third Trimester Recap: The Emotions

third trimester pregnancy symptoms

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Well, my due date is on Thursday. Oh my goodness. Which is why I thought I should probably get this post up as quickly as possible. ;) If you read my last two pregnancy recaps–the one on the first trimester and the one on the second trimester–a lot has changed.

For me, the third trimester has been emotional. Yes, I can go from being super happy to ridiculously worried and upset at the drop of a hat… but it’s more than that.

Pregnancy Survival Skin Products

Kelly in the City Master Bathroom Renovation-122

Clearly the only thing on my mind these days is my due date–which, I realize, is kind of meaningless. I mean, according to, only five percent of women actually deliver on their EDDs. Still, July 28th is only a few days away, and that’s pretty crazy. So before I “go,” I thought I’d get the last of my pregnancy posts up for you!

Today’s? Some of my favorite skincare products that have helped me through. (Along with some sneak peek photos of our completed master bathroom renovation! Full post coming soon.)

The Hospital Bag: What to Pack

Lesportsac Gingham-1

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As I have less than three weeks left until my due date, I’m starting to get my hospital bag together. Crazy! I’ve been working with my friend Darby (who’s due around the same time as I am) and my sister-in-law, Sarah, to come up with a list of everything that should be included. But I’d love your opinion, too, if you have any experience with packing hospital bags! ;)

Pregnancy: First Trimester Recap

first trimester recap

Photo by Rachel Nolan

Oops! Late post. Someone can’t stay awake past 10 p.m. anymore. ;)

Last week, I kind of had a mini blogging breakdown. Kidding, kidding. It wasn’t that big of a deal; I just realized that as I only had a handful of stuff that still fit my growing belly, I could no longer fall back on outfit posts: the easiest, quickest kind of posts for me. (Take a few pics of what you’re wearing, write a few sentences, and boom! You’re done.)

But thank you, Baby Larkin. Because like I wrote about in my goals post–which, I realize I reference way too often–I want to do more with this site than just post photos of what I’m wearing. I want to create content I’ve dreamed up completely on my own, and I want to be creative. Long-form writing. Reflecting. Photos. Videos. How-to posts. Stuff like that. I’ve grown up, the blog has grown up, and my readers have grown up. It’s time for change!