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How I Brought My Hair Back to Life


Sail to Sable Dress c/o (STS also available at Tuckernuck) / Similar Wrap Coat (Also similar here, and I love this red one.) / Burberry Scarf (And LOVE this snood, which is actually marketed for girls but totally works for women and it’s a fraction of the cost of the women’s scarf!) / Sole Society Pumps (And love these Sam Edelmans–in other colors here and here–and these Ferragamos!)

If you’ve been reading here for a while, you probably know that I’m pretty self-conscious about my hair. It’s baby fine, over processed, and dry, and it lacks body. I also have somewhat curly hair in real life. (SHOCKING, right?) Clearly, I blow-dry and/or straighten the heck out of it, damaging it even further.

Friday Thoughts, II


Skagen Watch c/o Macy’s (Other great smart watch options from Skagen here!) / Free People Sweater (And how about this one in navy & pink?!) / Hudson Jeans / Sperry Boots (Also love these!) / Barbour Jacket c/o (This is a fave, too!) / MAC Foundation and Concealer / Smashbox Mascara

Hallelujah! I had a CRAZY work week, and I’m absolutely thrilled that it’s finally Friday. Some thoughts this morning:

Pregnancy Survival Skin Products

Kelly in the City Master Bathroom Renovation-122

Clearly the only thing on my mind these days is my due date–which, I realize, is kind of meaningless. I mean, according to, only five percent of women actually deliver on their EDDs. Still, July 28th is only a few days away, and that’s pretty crazy. So before I “go,” I thought I’d get the last of my pregnancy posts up for you!

Today’s? Some of my favorite skincare products that have helped me through. (Along with some sneak peek photos of our completed master bathroom renovation! Full post coming soon.)

Brighter Days


The transition from winter to spring has taken its toll on my skin, or it’s made winter’s impact a lot more noticeable, at least. I’ve always thought that going from extremely cold conditions to warmer ones should just automatically improve everything, but for me, it’s a process. Despite the fact that Chicago is currently thawing, my skin is still in recovery-mode.

That said, I’ve seen some HUGE improvements with the products you see in the above photo, so today, I thought I’d share some of my magical skin care and beauty finds for the transition between seasons!

Winter Skincare with Clinique

Clinique Sonic System-70

It’s no secret that Mitch and I do a ton together. We have similar interests and hobbies, we share friends, we live in the same house, and then there’s that little thing called marriage. ;) But until recently, skincare wasn’t exactly a “together” activity.

Mostly because of me. I’ve mentioned this before on the blog, but I’m ridiculously self conscious about my “naked” skin. And have been, for a very long time. I’ve just always felt that without makeup, my freckles come out, my ruddy complexion takes over, my blemishes are unconcealed, and the bags under my eyes become extra-noticeable. In short, I look like a tired, sunburnt teenager, haha. And I don’t like it!

Scentbird Giveaway


Up until a few weeks ago, there were a handful of perfumes I’d wanted to buy for the longest time. The only thing stopping me was their price tags. Designer fragrances are pretty expensive, and I was worried: what if I didn’t end up loving them? What a waste. Of course, I could’ve tried ’em out in department or beauty supply stores (and did), but felt like I had to wear the perfumes for at least a week before I really knew. (Any other picky girls out there?!)

Travel Essentials


I am working with ZzzQuil to share my #TravelTipZzz.

When Mitch and I moved to Chicago last year, we made a pact that we’d spend a whole lot of time back East–in New York and at my parents’ Shore house–during summers. And now that summer is finally upon us, I’m so excited that we’re finally on our first trip!